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July 2011



Tips On Freezing

The worst part about cooking for 2 is all of the leftover ingredients you have. For instance, if I make a dessert with buttermilk in it, I almost always have an almost full carton of buttermilk that goes to waste! Or even certain fresh herbs or bread. Over the years, I keep getting tips on new things that can be frozen. So I decided to compile a little handy dandy list for all you people who are like me! Here is a list of things that are freezable and some tips about them:

nuts – my sisters taught me this one! now i always have walnuts and pecans for my salads. yay!
bananas – freeze them and use them for banana bread or smoothies
buttermilk – the tutorial (at the end of the page) says to separate them into 1 C bags for easy measuring later on.
butter – you can stock up when it goes on sale
veggie scraps and chicken bones – save the ends of onions, carrots, etc and bones from any chicken you cook with for the freezer and make chicken stock when you have enough
herbs – rosemary, thyme, basil, and an overall good tutorial on freezing herbs
bread – try to suck out all of the air (using a straw or something) to prevent freezer burn. for sliced, you can just leave it out for about 15 mins for it to thaw. or you can throw it in the toaster!

so these are the most common items that i tend to freeze with no problems but the possibilities are endless really. just google it next time you have too much of something that might go to waste!