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October 2012



Emma’s 5 Month Update

I can’t believe Emma is 5 months already!! I have a feeling I will be saying this with every update. They really do grow up so fast! She feels like such a part of our family. I barely remember a time when she was not with us. Although sometimes I am still shocked at the thought that I am a mom. Every month, I marvel at how much I love this little person. The more she shows her personality the deeper I fall in love. I remembered when I was pregnant, my coworker wrote in a card to prepare myself for a love I’ll have never experienced before…so true.

I feel like Emma has finally left the “baby” stage. As in she is much easier to take out and is crying a lot less! She is still the happiest in the morning. Her first smile of the day is the sweetest thing ever. She always wakes up with a smile! I used to not be a morning person but nowadays you will find me up at 6:45 on the dot (Emma’s internal clock has been a great alarm clock!). I look over at her and she instantly breaks into a smile and I absolutely melt. every. single. day. LOVE! It sure makes waking up early a lot easier.

Here’s what’s new with our little Emma:

– Had her 4 month vaccinations and she took it so much better than her 2 month ones! So happy. Nothing is worse than watching your little one get her shots.


– Started rolling!!! So excited that I caught her first roll on camera. It’s so cute watching her struggle!

– Had her first playdate. We are so lucky to have a bunch of friends with babies around Emma’s age…it’s going to be so fun for them all to grow and play together!



– Went to her first basketball game to watch daddy play


– Holding, batting and grabbing at toys more

– Super drool-y and loves to blow bubbles. Perhaps teething? Sometimes she drools so much that her whole front shirt is soaked!

– Loves to self soothe by chewing on her hands (I think 70% of the pictures I took this past month her hands are in her mouth hehe)


I try to take at least one photo on her actual month “bdays” and this was her on her 5 month:


Lovelovelove her!


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Comment from Ryan
Posted: October 21, 2012 at 9:40 pm

i baby sat my sisters 1 year old on saturday night, first time ever baby sitting… the hardest thing out of playtime, bath time, and feeding was putting PAJAMAS ON! Its so hard trying to get a squirmy little person into something that zips up from feet to neck!

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: October 23, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Ryan…I know what you mean and Emma isn’t even that squirmy yet! I always make Minh change her clothes :)