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May 2019



Part 2: Spring Break – San Antonio/Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort

Love being able to take my parents on vacations!

The next day my parents met up with us for the start of the San Antonio part of our trip. Our first stop was the Natural Bridge Caverns. I just love cave tours and this one did not disappoint! At first, I was worried it would be too difficult for my parents (who are pretty old now! :() but they did it with no problems. I was probably huffing and puffing more than them lol. We also did some gem mining there that the kids loved!

This one is called “King’s Throne”!

Minh really insisted on seeing The Alamo on this trip so we headed there after the cave tour. I can’t say that it was that exciting but at least now I can say I’ve been there! Max was excited to take a picture of this gun that was taller than him at one of the exhibits they had outside of the Alamo.

We then walked across the street to check out the Riverwalk. We contemplated going on a boat ride but by that time the kids were getting tired and I wasn’t sure if they would enjoy the boat ride that much. At least we have something to do when we return again!

The part I was looking forward to the most was checking into our hotel! Another amazing travel hacking redemption!! In my previous post about Miraval, I told you about the Hyatt card. Another great perk of the card is that you get a free category 1-4 room at any of their properties. After doing some research, I found one of the top redemptions you can make is at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort! I also had a random free night that I’m not sure how I got but was able to take my parents along and then had enough points to spring for a 2nd night. My sister also got this card so she joined us on our 2nd night.

This resort is SO perfect for families. The setting is so green and serene. The water park is big and fun. They had a pretty good sized lazy river, pools with basketball hoops, and a perfect slide for little kids since you don’t need to know how to swim to ride it! Even as an adult, I thought the slide was so fun lol. Emma made me go on it like 10 times! The resort also has free bikes to ride around in, in ALL different sizes so our little Max could even ride! They even have bikes with training wheels. My parents had a blast riding bikes around the resort. There was also ping pong, lawn chess, hammocks, cornhole, etc. Every day they had scheduled activities from arts and crafts to wildlife feedings, to pool games. The nights all ended with free campfire smores and a movie on the lawn. It was seriously SO FUN!!! Definitely one of the most fun hotels we’ve been to for the kids! And to top it off, the hotel staff here are so unbelievably nice and welcoming. It must be that Texas hospitality! We had a great stay here and I wouldn’t hesitate to use my next year’s free room here again!

Chess king in the making :)

Riding bikes all around the grounds
I totally forgot to get a picture of the lazy river but it was a little too windy that day to truly enjoy it. Max and I enjoyed the hot tub much more!
I had no idea my parents had never had a s’more before so it was fun for them to eat it for the first time!
Every night they showed a movie on the lawn and supplied blankets and popcorn. First night they showed Moana and the next night was Ralph Breaks The Internet (I love this movie!!)

On our 2nd night, boyrobot and I were able to slip away for a quick date night! They had a fancy restaurant on site called Antler’s Lodge which serves game meat and is right up our alley. We rode the free bikes to the restaurant and proceeded to enjoy a nice dinner with no distractions! The food was pretty good too.

I think this was mac n cheese with boar bacon or something crazy like that. It was sooooo good!
Bison Short Rib

After staying here for 2 nights, we headed straight back to the airport to fly home. When we left, Emma was so sad and said she can’t wait to come back to this hotel and see her cousins again! And while working on her About Me poster for school I asked her what was her favorite trip she has been on and she said this one!!! So this trip was definitely one for the books according to my kids :)