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Window Farms – Gardens For Apts!

One of my readers, Lori, emailed me recently about a project she is a part of called Window Farms. She asked if I wouldn’t mind blogging about it or making it a friday link and after reading more about it, I just had to make a blog post about it because I think it’s a […]

How To Turn A Cheap Steak Into A Prime Steak

You know around here we just LOVE a good steak. Well, I just read an easy method by The Steamy Kitchen blog that shows us how to make any cheap ol steak better by just adding salt (kosher or sea)! Basically the gist is to cover your steak completely with salt for 15 minutes to […]

Days With My Father

Click to read more on Days With My Father

Free Customized Luggage Tags

Get your own free customized luggage tags here. All you do is upload your own picture! Shipping is also free and no credit card is required. I haven’t received mine yet so I can’t confirm the quality or anything but you really can’t beat free right? I ended up using my picture from Peru with […]

My iPhone Apps

Ok I’ve been talking about doing a post like this for quite awhile. You all know how much I loooove my iPhone and it really has to do with the awesome selection of apps they have. You can pretty much find one for anything. It makes my phone pretty much useful in every situation. It […]

Befriend A Geek

From the website, Befriend A Geek: This Christmas over 1 million geeks around the globe will sit lonely in their bedrooms, misunderstood and ignored by a cruel world outside. Without “real” friends, they languish unloved in basements, offices and box rooms, hoping without hope for a better life. I do think it’s sad that some […]

My Laptop Is Hosed

No time to post today because my laptop got overtook by a nasty virus. The kind where the screen is blinking and I can’t open anything including my antivirus. Sad. :(

Monday Brain Dump: Weekend Recap

Friday: scored last minute tickets to see one of my favorite bands Jack’s Mannequin play a secret show at the Viper Room. At first I was kind of iffy about the new album but it’s totally grown on me. Seeing them live always reinforces my love for the band as well. Andrew totally rocks out […]

LeBron James Gets Beat In Horse

I’ve had a history of playing horse with boyrobot since our early days so this game has always had a special place in my heart. This guy who beat Lebron James is AMAZING! I especially love the trick he won the contest with in the warehouse.

My Sassy Girl Straight To DVD

Why am I not surprised that the American version of My Sassy Girl will be going straight to DVD? To be released on August 26 for those that are interested. I’m disappointed in the trailer but I will definitely be renting this if I can find it. It sucks that it turned out so bad […]