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Christmas 2017

Christmas is in full swing at our house. It’s one of my favorite holidays and so fun because the kids still believe in Santa wholeheartedly. Although I am afraid Emma’s days of believing are probably numbered. A conversation we had recently: (Driving to Westminster Mall to get Santa pics taken) Emma: Oh I thought we […]

Where I Post About Everything And Nothing At All

I have 10 million things I need to post about including the following and more: 1. Boyrobot and I have been married for 8 years now! The obligatory blog post where I gush about what a great guy he is. How awesome marriage is (but also how hard!). Everything I have learned about marriage thus […]

Max’s 3rd Year Birthday Questions

I wrote a little post about Max on Facebook when a picture of him when he was born popped up in my feed. This pretty much sums up how I feel about him: So fun to see this. My last baby announcement (we think lol). My baby is now 3!!!! Ugh. I’m not a baby […]

Emma’s 5th Year Birthday Questions

My firstborn turned five yesterday! Five seems like one of the big milestone ages. My daughter is truly no longer a baby or toddler. She is a KID. With her own thoughts and opinions! Soon she will enter into Kindergarten where her parents will no longer be her whole world. I am truly sad and […]

Site Was Hacked

OMG. My site has been down for a month because it was hacked and I didn’t have time to get it fixed. And then when I did have time it took longer than I expected (You mean there’s no button I just press to fix everything?? :(). Anyways, to save my blog, I had to […]

Things My Kids Say

I’m going to try to record more of what the kids say…this is the best age! Also, going to try to post more here again. We’ll see if it happens :) Last night Max saw his shadow on the ground and was giggling to himself. The way the lights were hitting his head it showed […]

The Night I Almost Died?

Hehe maybe the title’s a little exaggeration but I just went through something crazy so I had to document it. And just to warn you it’s long and detailed and probably boring to everyone but me :) It’s crazy that a month ago I thought I was a perfectly healthy 36 year old. A few […]

Max’s 2nd Year Birthday Questions

Wow. This was almost a month late! I actually have had it written since his birthday but it’s been so difficult to find the time to add pictures to this post! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My blog has been reduced to these twice a year updates on my kiddos. What can I say…kids just overtake your life! This […]

Emma’s 4th Year Birthday Questions

I can’t believe my firstborn is now FOUR years old. I have been a mom for 4 years now??? Emma through the years: Year 1: Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Emma is growing up to be quite a special young lady. I feel so lucky to have her as a daughter and she is […]

Max’s 1st Year Birthday Questions

I just realized that I never did Max’s birthday questions when he turned 1. I do it for his sister so I should probably do it for him too. Poor Max…the neglected 2nd child is a REAL thing. But don’t worry, we still love you just as much…promise!!! :) It’s only FOUR months late…but I’m […]