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December 2006



How To Move Your Blog To Your Own Domain

If you notice on my bot page, I recently added my sister, sweetposiebot! With the addition, I had to learn how to export her exisiting hosted blog to my own domain. It turned out to be pretty easy except for a few snags!

1. First download the wordpress-to-wordpress plugin and follow the instructions on this page.
2. Go to your old wordpress blog’s dashboard and go to manage->export and download the export file.
3. Go to your new wordpress (that’s hosted on your own domain) and go to the import option and import the file you just downloaded!

If all goes well, your posts, comments, etc should be ported over now.

Some problems I encountered:
– I received an error that said I was unable to create the folders that the import wanted to auto create so I had to change the permissions on my folders since they were not all 777 (read/write/executable).
– The original about page was turned into a post so we had to delete that post and make it into the About page again.
– All of her blogroll links were lost so we had to enter those in again.

Other than that it was a relatively easy and painless process. I love wordpress!


Comment from flipbot
Posted: January 6, 2007 at 1:02 am

Sweet, I’ll keep this in mind for when I want to move to my own domain.. :)

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Posted: January 13, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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