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Baby With Infectious Laugh

This video is so cute. This baby laughs at every little noise. If you need a smile today, watch this video!

Christmas Shopping Coupons (updated)

Here’s some printable coupons to help you with your christmas shopping! I am about 70% done with my shopping. Borders 30% Off Coupon – Expires 12/5 Pier 1 20% Off Coupon – Expires 12/10 Best Buy $20 Off $175 – Expires 12/2 Babies R Us 15% Off Coupon – Expires 12/3 Thanks to my friend […]

A Wallet Perfect For Every Asian Girl

I don’t know if other moms are like this too but this is soooo MY MOM! hehe. I got it at Aahs for $12.99 if you are interested. Angry Asian Girl is so cute!

A Different Type Of Giftfinder

I found this interesting website that supposedly takes your visual dna by asking you a series of questions with picture answers to find out what gift would suit you the best. Imagini Gift Finder Too bad it’s catered towards the UK for now but it’s still interesting to see what kind of gifts turn up […]

Free Services For Your Cellphone

The NY Times just printed up a helpful article about free services for your cellphone, many I didn’t even know about! Here is a quick rundown of the services. 1. An alternative to calling 411 is the number 800-FREE-411 (800-373-3411). The only catch to this free service is having to listen to a 20 second […]

A Toothbrush For Every Occasion

Here’s a nice hot deal I stumbled upon. 144 toothbrushes for $9.49 (free shipping!) If the link doesn’t work for you, go to and search for toothbrushes. It comes out to 6 cents a toothbrush and they are individually wrapped.

A Photo Rubik’s Cube

This is a great gift idea for anyone that loves solving the well known Rubik’s cube. I could never figure out how to do it myself so it would be a horrible gift for me as I would never be able to see the completed pictures!

M&Ms, New Flavors

Wow, I just found out M&Ms hav 8 new flavors that they are selling online: Link All That Razz: Creamy white chocolate center surrounded by milk chocolate and a raspberry-flavored candy shell. Eat, Drink & Be Cherry: Creamy white chocolate center surrounded by milk chocolate and a black cherry-flavored candy shell. A Day At The […]

Thanksgiving, The Aftermath

My thanksgiving meal consisted of: – deep fried turkey (mmmm!) – ham – mashed potatoes and gravy – garlic yams and potatoes – salad – french bread – corn – the most amazing pumpkin bread ever! so moist. i can’t stop eating it! the best part of thanksgiving are the leftovers. all day i just […]

Getting The XBox 360 From Amazon

Reminder to try and get the Xbox 360 tomorrow on Amazon! If you want a slight edge, I suggest you download firefox since it loads pages faster than IE. And with the amount of people who are going to be logging on tomorrow, any edge will make a difference. If you are looking to download […]