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Brandy’s Car Crash

I’m not sure if this picture of Brandy from TMZ makes me laugh or shudder away in fear. Definitely best celebrity picture of the week. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Brandy was involved in a car crash that ended in a fatality of another driver. They haven’t really stated it in the […]


I finally did it!!!! I got an Ace on Big Brain Academy. I’m an entrepreneur!!! Only a big dork like me would post this up but I am so happy I had to hahahh.

Free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

I just sent one to boyrobot. He loves these pretzels! It’s quick and easy. Send one to yourself too! Free Pretzel

20% Off ProFlowers

I’ll try and post more coupons and gift ideas for Vdays since it is getting close. Here’s a link for 20% off your next proflowers order. Personally, I am not a flower girl. I’d take a tech gadget over flowers any day. But I think every girl will say it’s nice to receive them every […]

My DS Lite Addiction

I apologize if I haven’t been updating as much or have not had interesting posts. I’ve become addicted to my DS Lite. Boyrobot has to repeatedly pull me away from that darn thing haha. I am currently obsessively playing 2 games. 1. Sims 2 – My current goal is to obtain 5 mechanical skills and […]

SocialPicks: Myspace For Investors

Read about this interesting new social network from TechCrunch: SocialPicks – tracks imaginary users’ portfolios and ranks them on how well their predictions pan out – also tracks celebrity investors like warren buffet and jim cramer – allows would-be financial advisors to “prove themselves” – allows collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst other stock investors They […]

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Perfect For Camping!

One of the things I dread most about camping is not being able to shower every day. I’m used to washing my hair daily so when I don’t it gets super oily and flat on my head. It’s so annoying! Well I just discovered this “dry shampoo” that you can use when you don’t have […]

Totoraku – Teriyaki House Pico: LA’s Secret Restaurant

I read about this private/secret restaurant ages ago and I really want to go!!! Totoraku on Yelp I live right by this place. It’s a japanese restaurant rumored to have really awesome beef, which I love. The only problem is, the only way you can get in is if you “know someone”. They even keep […]

24 Character Countdown

This 24 link is awesome. 24 Character Countdown His character analysis is spot on! Here are some good ones (only funny if you’ve been keeping up with the show): President Wayne Palmer (24) -Every line of dialogue consists of almost all whispers (-10) -Seemed like a boy amongst men in the Joint Chiefs meeting (-5) […]

It’s Only Tuesday

In the elevator this morning I happened upon the same man I saw the previous morning. me: you again! man: same time huh? the difference is i am going to work and you are going to school (i look really young for my age) me: nope, i’m going to work too! man: well the difference […]