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May 2007



Websites I Use To Help Plan For A Trip

When I go on a trip, I want to make sure I do everything the area has to offer and to try the best food that is renowned for that country/city. In my lifetime, I want to travel to as many different place as possible which doesn’t leave much room for repeats so I try not to miss out on anything. Here are some of the websites I like best for help on planning a trip:

frommers – hands down my favorite travel guide. i really trust their opinions and recommendations. i haven’t had one bad experience with them. you can also check out lonelyplanet which is similar.
igougo – is a relatively new travel website with input from users. i’ve noticed things on here that weren’t listed elsewhere
tripadvisor – another travel website with user input. they are a really great resource for hotel recommendations and reviews but also for things to do and eat
wikitravel – i’ve posted about this site before. i love wikipages and wikitravel does not disappoint!
forums – there are forums on a lot of the big travel websites and also random off-topic forums that are indispensable for getting current answers and recommendations; it’s surprising how friendly and helpful people on the internet can be!
google – before i travel anywhere, i always try to do a google search that consists of these words/phrases: “off the beaten path (country)”, “places to eat (country)”, “things to do (country)”
realtravel – features a lot of firsthand accounts from bloggers who travel and a great way to get suggestions for places to go and things to eat