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Friday Links

Video of someone painting the Mona Lisa in MS Paint How to solve any maze using photoshop Victim of identity theft catches the person stealing from her How to cover a chinese takeout box with fabric – makes a super cute gift box! Cat chases bear up tree

Top 10 Foodie Destinations

Everybody knows I loooove food and travelling! Whenever I go somewhere, I always try to eat what’s typical for that area. Here are the top 10 destinations with the best food to try as voted by Travelocity editors: Barcelona, Spain Boulder, Colorado Charleston, South Carolina Las Vegas, Nevada London, United Kingdom Montreal, Quebec New Orleans, […]

The Format Free Download

The Format is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their album “Dog Problems” by giving it away for free. Click here to download the whole album! From wikipedia: Their style can be considered a mixture of both indie and alternative, and is difficult to place in any one particular genre due to their use of […]

My New Favorite Celebrity Blog

I admit it, I’m one of those people who obsess over celebrity news. (Paris is released from jail today!!!) With the huge growth in popularity of celebrity blogs, I’m guessing there are others out there who care what Lindsay Lohan ate for lunch too even if few of you will admit it :). Anyways, I […]

Car Discounts For Recent Graduates

Just read on The Consumerist that a lot of automakers offer unadvertised deals to recent graduates. That sure could have helped me when I bought my first car out of college! • Toyota offers a $400 rebate to recent graduates, and requires proof of graduation; • Nissan offers a $500 rebate to recent graduates; • […]

Win Kettle Chips For A Year

Kettle Chips are holding a contest to win Kettle Chips for a year. Just guess how many kettle chip bags fit into a smart car.

Current Hot Deals & Freebies

Get a free Schick Quattro razor (for women) Borders 20% Off Coupon – it expires today though, so go and use it already! Order your moo minicards through Vox and get free shipping! – I just ordered my first set, I can’t wait to get them and share them with you all!!! If you would […]

New Driving Fines For 2007

Have you gotten an email about the new CA driving fines for 2007? Well it’s a hoax!

Friday Links

Cute Paper Girl bookmark tutorial How to sew on a button the right way The A to Z guide to diets – summarizes famous diets including reviews and what foods you can eat with each diet Meez – Create your own 3D character What do you know about romeo – reviews on guys you meet […]

Summer To Do List

Today marks the longest day of the year. Yes, it’s the beginning of summer!!! Time for a summer to do list, what I want to accomplish before the summer is over! 1. Visit Joshua Tree National Park 2. Go on an 8+ mile hike (my longest one so far was 7.2 miles!) 3. Go to […]