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The Geeky Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms are becoming more and more tech savvy. I know many who even have their own ipods (which btw, if she doesn’t have one yet you can get her one with a free special message engraved!)! Show your geeky mom your appreciation for her and make her life easier by getting one of these great […]

New Month, New Banner

For anyone who’s been visiting my website for awhile you’ll have noticed that I change my banner every month. This month’s banner is not really May related though but it has something to do with what will occupy most of this month for me. Next week I’m finally leaving for my trip to Peru where […]

Things I Like Right Now

This stuffed robot with headphones is sooooo cute! [Link] These sheets look fun! :) [Link] The most awesome egg separator every! [Link]

Diet 7up Challenge

Register for a free diet 7up challenge kit and see if their diet version really does taste better! We’ve reinvented Diet 7UP with more natural lemon lime flavor. It is even more refreshing, and guess what! There’s even less diet aftertaste! We’re letting you make the call on the New Diet 7UP. While supplies last, […]

I Have A Niece!!!

Ok, I just wanted to take a few seconds to announce that my sister just had her baby early this morning. At 6 lbs, Madison Pham is my first niece ever!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see her in a month. What cute clothes can I outfit her in? Hopefully I will […]

Friday Links

A list of how companies got their names – i always like finding out how people come up with names. Finalists in Smithsonians 2007 photo contest – i’m so envious of good photographers Barrymore gets cover for People’s Most Beautiful List – hmmmm, interesting pick the simpsons get their own ride at universal studios – […]

Funny The Office Quotes

I’m still in search of Season 1 of The Office. Can whoever is renting it from the Blockbuster on Pico please return it already!!! Until then, here are some funny quotes from the show: [During a “Diversity Day” exercise; Angela is wearing a sign on her forehead that says “Jamaican.”] Kevin: Hey. Angela: Hey. Kevin: […]

Darth Vader Balloon

This is pretty cool.

Crazy Housing Stats

2.7% of houses are sitting empty in the US. This number has never exceeded 2% until now. 11% of complete condos are currently unoccupied. There has been an 800% increase of foreclosures in the first 3 months of the year in California. More about these stats here.

10 Best Calcium Foods

As a female, it’s extremely important that you get enough calcium! And even if you’re not a female, you should know that calcium builds strong bones and teeth, can reduce the risk of colon cancer, control blood pressure, and calm your nerves. A lot of people think the only way to get their calcium is […]