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Getting Rid of Viruses and Those Annoying Popup Ads

Well it happened. Somehow my computer got infected with a virus! I was getting those random popup ads every couple of minutes. None of my existing antivirus software worked! I’d delete the “infected” files and a few moments later the popup ads would resume. I tried everything including removing all software on my computer that […]

Hello Kitty At McDonald’s

There are new Hello Kitty toys in the McDonald’s Happy Meal. The toys are different “kits” like a sticker kit, a school kit, a glamour kit, and various other items. I especially like the Hello Kitty lip gloss case. SO CUTE! I can’t find pictures but you can view all of them at the McDonald’s […]

Friday Links (Animal version)

All of these links have an animal theme. Enjoy! Tiny dog rescues 1 year old from snake – Feel good story of the week Beowulf trailer – I remember reading this in hs! Cat predicts patients’ death – this story is amazing!! and kind of freaky Vick indicted for dogfighting – way to ruin your […]

What Famous People Would Look Like

This website, planet hiltron, is hilarious. It’s a blog of pictures with famous actors/actresses/singers photoshopped into normal people. Is this what Jessica Simpson would look like if she didn’t have her personal trainers, makeup hairstylists, etc? haha

Happy Birthday Sweetposiebot!

Saw this mold on notMartha and it totally made me think of my sister, sweetposiebot! It’s her bday today. Happy birthday sis! Wish I was there to make you this cupcake cake haha. Buy the mold here.

1500 Inmates Performing Thriller

This is one of the most random things I’ve ever seen on youtube. 1500 inmates from a Philippine prison are performing Thriller. They’re so in synch! And the guy who plays the girl….hilarious! I’m impressed. Seems like a fun prison to end up in haha.

Busy Day In Celebrity Gossip

Hmmm, didn’t she learn anything from Paris?? Lindsay Lohan gets arrested AGAIN! Lohan – who was wearing her alcohol-detection ankle bracelet at the time of her arrest – was booked for DUI, possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custody facility and driving on a suspended license, says Padilla The next story is about […] Hot Deal

There’s a coupon for for 70% off! Just use coupon code PRESENT. Normally you can get a $25 gift certificate for $10, but with this coupon it comes out $3. Just make sure you read the fine print. Some coupons can only be used at lunch or have a minimum order amount. I’ve used […]

Cool Screensaver

I’ve had a really busy weekend so no time to post. Here’s a quick link to a really cool screensaver though. Retro Flip Clock, nice replacement for a new clock :)

Friday Links

Make your photos look like miniature environments – click to see what I mean, it’s very interesting! How to make a watermelon cake – I posted this in hopes my roomie will make it ha ha. Make fast cash selling junk mail Very cool collection of unique business cards Create your own Simpson’s avatar