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August 2007



I Saw A Shuttle Landing!!

Today was pretty cool….I got to see my first Shuttle landing. The space shuttle Endeavour landed today at Kennedy Space Center and because I’m working on site I got to see it up close and personal. We found a nice tower to get up on and had a great view! Watching a shuttle landing is pretty exciting.

First there’s a satellite tracking the shuttle:

When we saw it moving, we knew the shuttle was coming. I looked towards the sky and didn’t see anything…then I heard the loud BOOOOM from the SONIC BOOM! What a crazy and exciting sound to hear!!!

And then suddenly you see this tiny white dot in the sky…

Can you see it? It’s the white dot right in the middle!!!

I bet you can see it now….

It keeps gliding in the sky until finally it comes in for the landing

When it passed by it was going super fast still. When it landed, everybody cheered and clapped. It’s crazy to see this huge aircraft and think…this was out in space. I know it’s cheesy but boy did I feel small and insignificant in that moment. I always get that feeling when I think of outerspace. It must be a really cool feeling to be an astronaut.

Anyways, I am hoping that I will get to see a shuttle launch in my lifetime. Especially one that I worked on!


Comment from yoshi
Posted: August 21, 2007 at 8:22 pm

that’s awesome! i’m so jealous!

Comment from sweet posie bot
Posted: August 22, 2007 at 5:57 am

I’m jealous too. What a great experience!

Miss you a ton – too bad you can’t make it out to see us next weekend to celebrate your birthday sis!

We think of you often.