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September 2007



Write A Future Email To Yourself

Websites like l8r and futureme allow you to write emails to yourself or others that are sent at a predetermined future date. This is a cool tool to use to write yourself a letter. Do you ever read old stuff that you’ve written after a long time has passed, like in your old blogs? To me, it almost sounds like a different person. It’s amazing how when you read things that you’ve written in the past that it suddenly hits you how much things have changed.

Yesterday, I turned 28…soo old!!! (Btw, thanks for all of the well wishes!) I think I might write myself a letter of goals, thoughts, and self evaluation for my future 33 year old self. Just enough time for me to forget that I wrote it and allowing a lot of things to have happened as I hope to get a lot accomplished in the next 5 years…perhaps get married, buy a house, have or think of having kids? Will any or all of those happen in 5 years? I’m anxious for the future but also so contented at my current situation that I’m afraid of change. But I’m one of those roll with the punches type gals and I can’t wait for what the new year brings me! Life would be boring without changes right? Bring it on.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: September 4, 2007 at 2:34 pm

Haha yeah, this is all assuming the crappy little dot com is still even operating in 5 years. Im not sure I’d pick a date too far in the future.

Happy Birthday, btw! Your still younger than my wife, so…..there’s always that. Plus you look like a teenager and I bet you still get carded, so no whining.

I friggen wish people would card me….they didnt even card me when I was 15. Lousy hairy face.