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Friday Links

Free chicken and a coke – chikfila promotion First suicide at Burning Man – friends thought it was a performance – the world’s ugliest shoes are also dangerous….why is everyone wearing them again??? (btw, the pics on that page are gross…so beware!!) David Letterman to appear on Oprah – for the first time ever […]

Threadless Sale

There’s a big sale going on at everybody’s favorite tshirt shop right now, Threadless. Shipping is very low, just a couple of bucks. I think it was 5 bucks for the 2 shirts I got: Nerds 4 Ever Bad Apple I seriously debated getting this tshirt but I didn’t get it :( (Isn’t it perfect […]

Cassettes Making A Comeback

These cassette items are so nostalgic: Cute gift alert!!! How cool would it be to make a mix tape on this cassette usb drive!!! Now you don’t need a tape player to play it, you can just plug it straight into your computer. And this cool mp3 player looks like a cassette tape! Ahhh, I’m […]

Listen To Your Music On Anywhere.FM

So I finally decided to try out Anywhere.FM. In case you haven’t heard of this website, it lets you upload your whole music library so that you can listen to it ANYWHERE on an Itunes-like player! I love the concept. I uploaded about 50 mp3s tonight (which took a few hours for me and my […]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

I’ve been super busy. I just got back from Mammoth so I haven’t had time to post for today. So when I don’t have time to make a proper post, I share a recipe that I have in my recipe log (recipes I want to one day make). This sounds sooo yummy. I’ve always been […]

Friday Links

Rowling’s next novel – Man, I’d hate to have to follow up after HP Symantec’s emoticon lookalike contest – this is such a cute idea…and you can win $10K! Janeane Garofalo is joining 24 – ooooh I can’t wait for 24 now!! Toilet paper origami New episode’s of R Kelly’s Trapped in a Closet – […]

New TV Show: Kid Nation

Have you heard about this new reality show on CBS? It’s called Kid Nation and it’s about 40 kids ages 8-15 that are put together to live in an abandoned town in New Mexico. They live and function on their own with NO ADULTS! You can click on their main website to see a commercial […]

I Saw A Shuttle Landing!!

Today was pretty cool….I got to see my first Shuttle landing. The space shuttle Endeavour landed today at Kennedy Space Center and because I’m working on site I got to see it up close and personal. We found a nice tower to get up on and had a great view! Watching a shuttle landing is […]

Beauty Products I Want To Try

This is a weird post for me since everybody knows I take 10 mins to get ready in the morning and I wear NO makeup. The most I do is put lotion on my face since it gets super dry sometimes! But anyways, I’m a girl….and sometimes I like being girly! Here’s some intriguing beauty […]

Yahoo Farechase/My Trip To Orlando

I’m always on the lookout for cheap airfare. For awhile now, I’ve been using exclusively since I consistently find the best prices with them. Now, I’ve found another tool that I will probably have to check as well, Yahoo Farechase. The cool thing about Yahoo Farechase is that if you are buying a roundtrip […]