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September 2007



Microwave Sugar Free Jam

Saw this great looking tutorial/recipe on Microwave Jam over at Simply Recipes. I had no idea you could make your own jam that easily!! This is great for me since I’d prefer to make small batches since I never eat a lot of jam at any given time. I just have a craving once in awhile for a slice of toast with jam, etc. I can’t wait to try making some. After looking for other recipes since I don’t usually have figs lying around, I discovered that homemade jams use a LOT of sugar…more than 1 cups worth for a small amount!! So I was on the hunt for some low sugar or sugar-free jams. Here are a few recipes!

Low-Sugar Refrigerator Strawberry Jam

Recipe By :Net
Serving Size : 32 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Fruit Low-Cal
Low-Fat Preserves

Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
——– ———— ——————————–
1 quart strawberries — Sliced
1 envelope veggie gelatin powder, unsweetened
1/3 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Water
2 tablespoons Lemon juice

1. In a medium saucepan, combine strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.
Heat 5 minutes, crushing the berries slightly. Bring to a boil; boll
rapidly, stirring constantly, 3 minutes.

2. In a small bowl, sprinkle unflavored gelatin over cold water. Let
stand 1 minute. Add to strawberry mixture and heat, stirring until gelatin
is completely dissolved, about 3 minutes.

3. Let jam stand 5 minutes, skiing off foam with a spoon. Ladle into
jars. Cover and cool slightly before storing in the refrigerator for
several weeks or in the freezer for longer storage.

No Sugar Blueberry Jam

Recipe By :Net
Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Fruit Low-Cal
Low-Fat Preserves

Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
——– ———— ——————————–
1 Envelope veggie gelatin powder, unsweetened
6 Ounces apple juice, frozen concentrate — thawed
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
5 Pints fresh blueberries

Place half the juice concentrate in a small pan or microwave dish.
Sprinkle gelatin on top and let soften, about 1 minute.

Combine remaining juice concentrate with lemon juice.

Puree blueberries, a pint or so at a time, in food processor or blender.

When gelatin is soft, heat gently until melted.

Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Spoon into sterilized jars.

Store in refrigerator or freezer. Keep refrigerated.