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This Is Awesome

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade got rickrolled!! How many people do you think watching even knew what was going on??? hehe

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Seriously this is one of the most awesome holidays ever. A holiday centered around eating??? YUM. And then shopping after? YES! Happy thanksgiving everyone…let’s stuff our faces. I will be taking the rest of the week off so no friday links this week. See you on Monday! I leave you with this…thanksgiving dinner on a […]

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

I started reading this new blog recently called I Will Teach You How To Be Rich. Every day he posts a way to save a small amount of money. Over time, all of this money you’ve saved should start to add up. Most of the things he posts about I already do/know but I thought […]

The Perfect Thanksgiving Potluck Recipe

I’ve been searching for a nice and easy recipe for a Thanksgiving potluck. Something that keeps well during transport and won’t need to be reheated once it’s reached its destination. I present to you…. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Nut Bread – recipe by Joyful Abode Doesn’t this look super yummy? And it doesn’t seem too hard…just […]

Brain Dump Mondays: Tired.

This was a super tiring weekend. I don’t really remember much of saturday but yesterday was spent all day at a friend’s wedding. It started out with a tea ceremony at 10:30am and continued onto a regular church ceremony and then a reception…all on a Sunday! Anyways, I’m pooped. Getting dressed up and wearing heels […]

Friday Links

6 most amazing street performers – These beat out any of those 3rd street performers hehe Movie Review Drawings – very creative! Scale model of Scrooge’s Money Bin – this is pretty crazy/cool Youngest food critic – this is such a cute story. I wonder if he’s going to grow up to be some famous […]

Random Tips & Tricks 3

Time for another random tips post! Avoid wooden hangers as they can react with the fabric over time. Use plastic or wire instead. Secure a button after you have sewn it on by a drop of superglue or nail polish Don’t shop on the first few days of a month as some stores raise the […]

Girl Post: Best Shampoo Suggestions

So I took this GenderAnalyzer test which analyzes your blog and tells you if a man or woman writes it. For some reason I’m 59% man!! I think because I try to stray away from girlie topics because I don’t want to alienate my male readers. I actually have a whole section of health and […]

A Few Cat Videos

Who knew cats could be so amusing! This one is awesome…ninja cat: Cat vs. Box – I love when he runs into the table

Brain Dump Mondays: Best iPhone Apps

Yup…I’ve finally converted to the iphone. Seems like everywhere you look, everybody has an iPhone and now I’m one of those people! Oh well.. I have to admit though that after playing with it for a few days, I’m totally loving it. It really is as cool as everyone is saying!! Of course the biggest […]