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Friday Links Special Halloween Edition

This is the coolest pumpkin ever….ROBOT PUMPKIN! Free spooky tree face pattern – man, if I owned a house and had a tree in my front yard, I would so stick this spooky face on it. Easy costume idea, fried egg: basically it’s a white sheet + yellow beanie and also toilet paper roll costume […]

First Asian Boy

This video is probably more funny if you’re asian and you know how hung up asian guys are about being…unpopular with non-asian girls hehe. Listen to the song the whole way through..there are some hilarious lyrics!! I have to admit he’s pretty good for an asian guy.

Origami Post It Notes

If you’re reading this website at work, that probably means you aren’t too busy ;) If you need some more things to waste your time how about origami with your post it notes? Check out this link for some youtube tutorials! Yes…I can just see my menagerie of animals sitting on my desk now.

A Few More Political Links

I don’t know why but the top part of my political post was missing today! I don’t remember what other links I had except for this very important one: Kerry was predicted to win in 2004 I thought it was important to repost this considering Obama is supposed to “win by a landslide” but you […]

Political Roundup

My 4 yr old looks like Obama – it’s uncanny! 20 most corrupt members of congress – Republicans lead 14 to 6. I’m just sayin’…. Is it true McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time? I love and the answer is yes. CNN compares SNL skit to real Palin interview 61 nobel laureates […]

Brain Dump Monday: Things I Will Do When I Buy A House

This weekend I went house shopping again. We probably won’t seriously start looking to actually buy until the beginning of next year but it’s good to see what type of houses are available and what type of house we can afford. It is encouraging to see many houses have dropped as much as 100K in […]

Friday Links

Top 10 movie tearjerkers – my list would have to include Stepmom and My Sassy Girl How to purchase a mattress – tips from an ex-mattress salesperson Famous people who have been homeless – Jewel’s not on there but then again…what happened to her??? Little giant pandas after the earthquake – I forgot if I […]

20 Food Myths

This is a great article dispelling 20 popular food myths. Ones I didn’t know: #2: Boiling drains away all nutrients from vegetables – It’s true that you lose some minerals but not all! #13 You can’t deep fry in olive oil – I always avoided this because of the whole lower smoking point argument (which […] Coupons Without The Clipping

If you’re like me, you’re too lazy to clip coupons when you go grocery shopping. This website,, eliminates that! Too bad it only works for a few stores…hopefully they add more in the future. In my area, the only one that worked for me was Ralphs but your area might have more. So how […]

Halloween Potluck Recipes

Boyrobot and I are going to a halloween potluck this year and I’ve been trying to find recipes that are fitting for the holiday. I think I’ll be making these cheddar cobwebs because it sounds yummy and more importantly….easy! hehe. and I’m contemplating having boyrobot bring this Pumpkin Cocktail Or this spiderweb cheesecake (cheater recipe) […]