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September 2009



My iPhone Apps

Ok I’ve been talking about doing a post like this for quite awhile. You all know how much I loooove my iPhone and it really has to do with the awesome selection of apps they have. You can pretty much find one for anything. It makes my phone pretty much useful in every situation. It literally has changed my life and I can’t imagine not having it anymore. It’s my all time favorite gadget. Ever. And now…I present to you the must downloads for the iPhone according to me!

The following are all free and at the end of the list I’ll actually mention the ones I’ve paid for and I think are worth it.

My daily apps – These are the ones I use almost on a daily basis and I think are so useful and a must-have

eBuddy: This is the app I use for Aim which is my main chatting service. You can also use it to connect to all of the major ones like Yahoo or ICQ etc. And it’s miles better than the official Aim jailbreak iphone 4
app which is painfully slow and laggy. I remember when I used to use the Aim app and I’d literally want to throw my phone because I hated it so much. This makes me happy to chat on my phone again.

facebook: I admit it…I am a facebook junkie. Love the service and if I ever have a few spare minutes I go on there to read what’s going on with everybody. The facebook iphone app is really well done and the latest update is stellar. Update it if you haven’t already!

Yelp: If I ever need to find a good place to eat this is where I go. It has a “nearby” feature that works great in finding highly rated restaurants or businesses near you and the search and bookmarking future is so helpful. I have all of my favorites saved and with a few clicks I can get the hours and directions of pretty much any place!

Flixster: Boyrobot and I are big movie buffs. We love watching movies and this has been the best app I’ve found so far for looking up nearby movie theaters and showtimes. They also show what ratings each movie gets from Rottentomatoes and flixster users.

Pandora: If you love music this is a must have. Just input a song or artist you enjoy and Pandora creates a “station” for you that will play similar music. It’s a great way to find out about new artists you might like or just to have for some enjoyable background music.

myWireless: This is an app from ATT and it allows me to pay my bill from my phone. I LOVE THIS APP.

Wattpad: The most amazing free e-book reader ever. I’ve been telling everybody about this one. I never thought I would enjoy reading books on my iPhone but I’ve already read 3 books now. Right now I’m reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. They have an amazing selection of books. But it’s random when the books can be found. I’ve found a book and then went back a few days later to see that it’s gone. But as soon as you find a book, just download it and it’s saved on your phone. I’ve found many popular and current books as well as NY Times Bestsellers. And this app has the feature that I wish the iPhone has…a lock button that will lock the screen view if you turn the phone. It annoys me to no end when I’m reading something on my iPhone while I’m lying down and when I turn the screen it auto flips the other way! This app has a lock button! And did I mention it autoscrolls for you?

Ok so those are my absolute favorites. Pretty general. Here are some great ones too that I find myself using pretty often but are more specialized.

Twitterfon – twitter app if you’re into twitter
FML – have you heard of the fml website? it’s great for a quick laugh if you are waiting in line or something
Boombox – if you have wifi, this lets you stream pretty much any song you want to hear
What’s On – this is a tv guide listing which I especially used when I was on travel and wanted to know what was on tv in that city
OpenTable – Ever use opentable to book reservations? Now you can do it from your phone!
Inside Redbox – I’ve posted about redbox before. This app tells you nearby redboxes and helps you to find which box has the movie you want. You can also find codes!
Paypal – If you have a paypal account this is really useful if you need to borrow money from a friend. You can pay them back in a few clicks!
NPR News – self explanatory
NList – I use this as my to do list. It’s simple and has these cute little checkboxes!
Flickr – yay…flickr finally released an official app! Works pretty well with the limited time I’ve played with it.
RepairPal – this is a car app that tells you how much you should be paying for car repairs and includes reviews and links to car repair shops. I didn’t really use this until I had to get my wheel bearing replaced and it was SO helpful! I totally would have gotten cheated on the pricing if I didn’t use this app.

Games – Surprisingly I’ve spent a lot of time playing games on my phone. I’m more of a “puzzle” type game so these might not appeal to everyone. Anyways, some of these I don’t play anymore but at one time I was a d d i c t e d.

Flood-It! – Try to “flood” the board with one color in a certain number of steps
Moonlight lite – It’s the mah-jong matching tile game. Very easy and relaxing game. I went a few months where I played this ALL of the time!
Word Warp – One of the first games I ever played on the iPhone. If you like word games it’s great. You get a bunch of letters and a list. You make words out of the letters. To pass to the next level you have to be able to make a 6 letter word.
PapiJump – one of those games with no thinking required. Just try to get the ball to bounce to the next tier
TapDefense – There’s a bunch of versions of this popular strategy game. I had a lot of fun playing this in the beginning!
Scramboni – A word unscrambling game that you play with other people

Paid Apps – I’m pretty stingy about paying for apps. There’s already more than enough for me to play with without having to dish out money! But there are some exceptions… :)

CameraBag – Let’s you make cool effects on your iPhone photos
Gratitude! – It’s sort of like a daily journal in which you are supposed to write things you are happy/grateful for each day. You can also save a photo each day. I really should use this app more! It has cute graphics to boot.
Sally’s Spa – This was on sale for 99 cents and I just love these types of games. It’s like Diner Dash. Boyrobot doesn’t understand why but most girls I know love to play it too! It’s not very challenging but it’s fun! hehe. Try the free lite versions to see what I mean.
iFitness – this is a very highly rated fitness app which I thought if I paid for it would make me workout more. So far that hasn’t happened but it’s really my fault. This app is very cool and I can see why it’s rated so well. One of these days I am going to use it…
Fuzzle – Another one of the few games I loved so much I had to pay for. I was addicted to the Lite version which stopped after you reached a certain score which was sooo annoying I had to buy the full version!
FlightControl – It’s hard to explain this game but it’s pretty fun

Some other iPhone related links:
Promo Dispenser – get free codes for new iPhone apps
Google Sync – I use google for everything. Especially for the calendar. I was so happy when I was able to sync my calendar to my phone!
Create free ringtones for your iPhone – It’s really easy!!

Any iPhone tips or apps you guys know about?


Comment from Louise
Posted: September 15, 2009 at 10:08 am

I just replaced my AIM with it thanks to this post. I really wanted just a single client that can sign onto multiple accounts AND has a clean interface and this is it! I love that it’s free, but hey, I’d even pay money for something this good.

I’ve been using Stanza for e-books. Have you used that? I like their interface, but it’s kinda a pain to transfer books (from epub format or pdf) to it. I’ll take a look at Wattpad. Do you have to buy books for it or do you just “find” them somehow?

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: September 15, 2009 at 11:19 am

You’ve forgot the best one! Word Ace! Its free, but it was so good, I insisted on paying for it, since they have a paid version too (that offers nothing different from the free version! Crazy business model).

Its texas hold em with scrabble. You and Minh were born to play it. I would play with Kyle but that cheapskate doesnt have an iPhone. Its online with everyone, so we can all play at the same table. I’ll kill you guys! Hurry up and get it.

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: September 15, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Louise – they have a search where you can dl books for free. which is probably why sometimes the book is there and a few days later it might be gone. i’ve used stanza but i got bored with their free books. if i’m going to spend money on a book i’d rather have a real e-book reader like the kindle or get the actual book!

Hakushaku – sounds fun. I’ll dl it when I get home!

Comment from kristen
Posted: September 15, 2009 at 11:31 pm

You rock! Such perfect timing since I got my iphone 4 hrs ago. I can’t wait to dl all the apps!

Comment from RiSE
Posted: September 16, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Chess with friends:
FREE app that lets you play chess with friends, its basically make a move whenever its great! I suck at chess so its lets me take my time with out the pressure.
Night Stand:
I use it when i want to take naps. its got a great interface. and you can wake up to mp3s
HDR Camera:
Great to add contrats or colors to photos.
Rotate pictures,crop, etc. FREE
Tap Tap Revenge:
Like Guitar hero for your iphone
uhh SCreabble
Mini Gore:
Fun game soon to have muli-player
Peggle awesome.
Real soccer 09:
Best looking muliti player games for 99 cents!

Comment from che
Posted: September 21, 2009 at 9:46 pm

I’ve been eyeing camerabag for some time now but it’s of no use to me without an iPhone! Soon… Soon… Haha