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Friday Links

Joshua Bell plays the subway and noone notices – a great post on perception 100+ google tricks that will save you time in school – kids have it so easy nowadays! Arnold’s secret message to the legislator – that’s our governator Do chimps grieve? – what a cool picture Stephen Wiltshire draws Manhattan skyline from […]

How To Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

I love eating eggs…sunny side up, hard boiled, scrambled, you name it…I love it! So I was excited to read this article on how to make the perfect boiled eggs. According to their in depth study here is the recipe: Soft Boiled Eggs Ingredients 3 quarts water 1-6 large eggs Procedure 1. Bring water to […]

Things To Eat In Oahu (My Hawaii Recap P1)

Here are some of the places we ate at in Hawaii and that I highly recommend! If you’re planning on visiting Honolulu be sure to bookmark this page. :) Shave Ice at Waiola’s Wow I’ve never had such finely shaved ice. It was SO goood. Unlike any shave ice I’ve eaten here on the mainland. […]

On Vacation

I am on vacation until Sunday. I know…wasn’t I just on vacation? Well, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Hawaii!!! While I’m there, I’ll (hopefully) be continuing my 200 situps. Seems like a few of us are doing it together. We started yesterday! So join us if you can. :) And since I’ll […]

Free Birthday Treats

Who doesn’t love free stuff. Well on your birthday, usually you can finagle several free items or discounts on meals, desserts, car washes, and more! Free Birthday Treats is a website that keeps track of all of the places you can take advantage of on your birthday. My favorites: Sephora free birthday item, Disneyland admission, […]

Friday Links

Different varieties of massages – for if you ever wondered what’s the difference between deep tissue and shiatsu, etc. Dental health tips – for a non-alcohol rinse…try crest pro health. I love it! Intermission etiquette in Germany – what an odd tradition The one thing Robert Kenner of “Food, Inc” would never eat again – […]

Map Of Power Plugs And Sockets Around The World

If you travel a lot, this is a very handy diagram to bookmark. It shows you the different power plugs and sockets from around the world. You can view a bigger version here. And if you’re looking to buy some plug adapters….here is a hot deal for a 3 piece set for 15.99!

Two Hundred Situps

What they say is right…after you get married, you start to let yourself go. I remember in the weeks leading up to the wedding I was so stressed out and losing weight like crazy. No diet is better than the wedding diet! Anyways, now I’ve gained all this happy weight. And I haven’t worked out […]

Best Hiccup Story Ever

The other day I read this story about how to get rid of hiccups. Basically, a Filipino woman told her: in her country they take a piece of material from something they are wearing, lick it, and place it on their forehead. And swore it worked! Turns out it’s a very common trick to get […]

Corn Maze

I love October…it’s the start of the holiday season. Halloween is always fun, then comes Thanksgiving, and then Christmas!!! We started off the season with a corn maze. I’ve always wanted to do a corn maze and it did not disappoint. The one we went to had a scavenger hunt type game where you find […]