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September 2009



The Best Time To…

Did you know it’s better to do certain things at certain times? According to this MSN article, the best time to:

Wake up….is 20 minutes later than you intended. It will make you feel more rested for the rest of the day. – Uhh this seems a bit obvious but I agree with it wholeheartedly!! :)

Weigh yourself….is right when you wake up. It will give you the most accurate reading.

Put on sunscreen….is 30 minutes before you step outside. It takes that long for the stuff to soak in.

Get your daily dose of sun….is in the morning. It will signal your body to stop producing melatonin (which will make you more awake) and increase production of Vitamin D

Eat breakfast…is within 15 to 30 minutes of waking up and no later than 8am. Whaaa?? I don’t even wake up until after 8am!

Take a power nap….is in the afternoon. You will feel more rested, refreshed, and alert. Hmmm shall I forward this article to work??

Exercise…is between 5-6pm. Your body will be at its maximum efficiency!

Drink a glass of cranberry juice…is at night so it can hang out in the bladder and fight off bacteria until the morning

Apply antiperspirant…is at night since your body’s temperature lowers allowing the antiperspirant to fully absorb by the next day. This was surprising to me.

Scheduling a surgery….is before noon. Studies have shown there are less complications then.

Scheduling a root canal….is between 1 and 3pm. Local anesthesia lasts 3 times as long in the afternoon.

And here is an interesting excerpt about the women’s monthly schedule. Guys…you can skip this one :)

Hormones fluctuate wildly over the course of the month, creating great — and not-so-great — opportunities for a variety of health moves. Day 1 of your menstrual cycle is the day your period starts, so schedule these actions accordingly:

Before your period – DAYS 23-28:
Stay out of pain. Avoid procedures like a root canal or a bikini wax: They’ll hurt more now. “Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine” — all natural feel-good chemicals — “typically plummet right before your period,” says Rebecca Booth, M.D., author of The Venus Week. Reschedule them for ovulation time (days 13-15), when, according to a University of Michigan study, we produce the most endorphins to offset pain.

During your period – DAYS 1-3:
Get busy. It may not be the most convenient time, but orgasms — always great — are even greater during your period. That’s because they cause a spike in serotonin, which is naturally running low just before and during the first three or so days of menstruation. Some women even enjoy a heightened libido just before their period, thanks to a drop in estrogen and a rise in testosterone.

After your period – DAYS 3-13:
Do a breast self-exam (BSE). A post-period rise in estrogen returns your swollen, tender breasts to their most supple state, making it the perfect time to check them for unusual lumps and bumps. Although experts don’t insist on a monthly BSE anymore, when you do feel your breasts for changes, do it at this time of the month — differences will be more detectable.

After ovulation – DAYS 14-23:
Plan to quit smoking. Women who try to kick the habit now, after ovulation, may be less likely to succeed — possibly because they have worse withdrawal symptoms, according to a recent study from the Medical University of South Carolina. So set a quit date during the first half of your cycle (days 1-13), and use these next two weeks to get psyched and gather the support you need to stop smoking for good.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: September 25, 2009 at 1:29 pm

Oh, Ok. Wake up 20 minutes later than I intend, but still eat breakfast before 8 am! And take power naps in the afternoon?

I’m sure its also relaxing to take a bath in a tub full of diamonds, or get a massage by naked Swedish models while I’m riding a unicorn. That doesn’t mean I have the ability to do it! These rules assume that you are the complete master of your schedule. Sure, no one at work will mind if I roll in 20 minutes late and then take a nap. Its good for me! This is like advice you give a wealthy king or sultan.

As for encouraging women to have sex while on their period…….uhhh yeah. Good luck with that.

Comment from suki
Posted: September 30, 2009 at 11:07 pm

I’m going to give some of those a shot… Breakfast before 8am?! :/