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I Did It!

It’s funny how ever since I posted that I was going to stop posting here daily to give myself more free time do other things that I have instead SPENT ALL OF MY TIME FIXING MY WEBSITE! OMGGGGGGG. Everyday after work, I would spend hours trying to transfer my website to a new host. It’s […]

Add Hair To Your Apple Logo

I’m a PC but these stickers for your apple laptop are making me change my mind. hello! a mustache for my laptop? I’M SOLD. from Stick With Me, Baby!


so if you went to my website today, you’ll notice it was suspended. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. and my web hosting company didn’t email me or anything. this also included suspension of one of my main emails which i use for a multitude of things. so yeah, today sucked. after going through the process […]

Slowing Down

Wow, almost four years ago I started regularly posting on Since then, a lot of things happened. I traveled a bunch of different places, I bought a sidekick, I bought an iPhone, I got kidney stones, I got a new nephew, I witnessed a shuttle launch, I moved around about 4 times, I messed […]

I Have New Found Respect For Keanu Reeves

Yes, I was one of those people that liked to make fun of Keanu’s bad acting skills and wondered how he always got such big movie roles. Well, turns out he’s a pretty decent guy….well more than decent….he sounds awesome according to this reddit thread where people are sharing stories about him. Back in the […]

To Do

Spray some cotton balls with my favorite scent and stick them in my linen closet Buy some new deodorant now that summer is here and get some cute shorts! Learn how to use my new camera then take a cool picture and use it as my google homepage background

Friday Links

Top rated beers at Bevmo – if we ever finish the beers from the wedding, we’ll have to try these hehe Workers find unusual items in Disneyland river – weirdest item was a computer tower Conning Harvard – story of a guy who managed to con several ivy league schools! Fox erases applause from Obama’s […]

Money CAN Buy Happiness

I waited a LONG time to get this. In fact, I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger but thanks to boyrobot I got a very early bday present (since I wanted it before my FL trip) BEST GIFT EVER. I AM SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! The camera is charging but I couldn’t help but […]

72 Steps To A Healthier Home

Just read a useful article about 72 steps to a healthier home. The following are more of notes to myself that I should be doing. Click the link for the full list. 3. Air out dry cleaning. Take off plastic bags before you come inside so that any residual perchloroethylene, a common dry-cleaning solvent and […]

Safe Sunscreen

So everywhere we go we are hearing WEAR SUNSCREEN but did you know it turns out that only 8% of the sunscreens out there are even “safe”???? I checked my favorite sunscreen that I always use, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, and was disappointed to see it was rated a 7 which is in the […]