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Puerto Rico The Board Game

I was just checking out boardgamegeek to read up on the latest boardgame news (yes, I know how nerdy that sounds lol) and I was surprised to see that there is a new #1 boardgame….Puerto Rico! This is one of our favorite games so I am happy to see that it is rightfully at the […]

Friday Links

Pillow talk – pillows for long distance lovers Last days of late night with Conan (before he started the tonight show) – wow….he totally looks like his mom! The uselessness of air marshals – $860M??? seriously? The making of Lady Gaga – pop=manufactured. she’s a good performer though. boxoh – universal package tracking 10 awesome […]

I Love Amazon

If a company gives me good customer service, I am definitely going to blog about them. The last time i had such excellent customer service was with Zappos. I love when companies aren’t all about the money and know that pleasing their customers will go a long way. So last week I ordered a gift […]

I Need/Want This – Self Watering Planter

I’m still on my gardening kick! Check out my baby basil plant that I just started: This is so exciting for a girl with a black thumb such as myself. These were just SEEDS not a week ago! And now they are already growing green leaves. How awesome! The biggest problem I have is knowing […]

The 2 Sides Of The Lost Finale

Seems like fans are pretty split on how they felt about the Lost finale. This girl really liked it. This guy hated it. I was somewhere in the middle. Either way, it was a great show and I am sad that it ended. What am I going to do now? No seriously…suggest me what show […]

Inside The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

And you thought I was a geek before… This whole post is on how excited I am about the Harry Potter theme park!! This writer got to attend a private party at the not-yet-opened park. All of his details (sans pictures because they weren’t allowed) makes it sound like it will be just as good […]

Friday Links (Lost Edition)

In honor of the best tv show ever… Some random links Lost answers – a blog that tracks every question Lost answers Vintage dharma ads Marilyn Manson draws Locke Lost 365 – different Lost illustration a day Recipe for Lost cookies George Lucas writes a letter to Lost Lost wallpaper Some comics: and some videos: […]

Guy Gets Ticket 30 Seconds After Parking

And here is his letter contesting the ticket. Classic!

Pityriasis Rosea and Picnics

So…to add to the long list of things that are wrong with me, I developed pityriasis rosea awhile ago. Yeah, don’t google it because it is gross. Trust me on this one. Luckily the really bad parts of my body are covered up so no one really knows I’m suffering from this skin disease unless […]

20 Simple Things That Are Therapeutic

Feeling stressed? Here is a link to an article of 20 things that are therapeutic. There were some I had never heard of like: eating pumpkin seeds or avocados, drinking lavender tea, and this cool website called sound sleeping I started listening to it while I was blogging….it is relaxing!! hehe Blogging by the way […]