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Archive for category Knowledge/News

A Few More Political Links

I don’t know why but the top part of my political post was missing today! I don’t remember what other links I had except for this very important one: Kerry was predicted to win in 2004 I thought it was important to repost this considering Obama is supposed to “win by a landslide” but you […]

Political Roundup

My 4 yr old looks like Obama – it’s uncanny! 20 most corrupt members of congress – Republicans lead 14 to 6. I’m just sayin’…. Is it true McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time? I love and the answer is yes. CNN compares SNL skit to real Palin interview 61 nobel laureates […]

The Truth About The Bailout

Man if you’ve been watching the news, you know what’s happening. It makes me so sad to look at my 401K. Good thing I’m young! September Madness chart by Techcrunch – this is funny…it’s modeled after the march madness basketball brackets but is replaced with banks and government. The taxpayer isn’t on there…I guess that […]

Latest Palin Interview

As I’ve said before, I’m not really into politics but it’s just been so entertaining watching the McCain/Palin campaign. With every interview Palin does I feel worse and worse for her. I now see why they are limiting her access to reporters. With each question she answers (or actually doesn’t answer), it’s becoming more apparent […]

Palin Links

Sorry I didn’t have time to post today, I’ve been traveling all day! But now that I’m settled in, here’s a very late post. It seems like the news and the internet are abuzz with Palin talk. Here are some highlights: Palin on Craigslist Matt Damon on Palin Palin: Average isn’t good enough an article […]

Airline Passenger Bill of Rights

If you fly a lot or have ever experienced problems with an airline it’s really important that you know your rights! Here is a link to the Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights. Bookmark this or read up at least on the hot topics that you might foresee having problems with so when it happens, you […]

Politics Schmolitics

I’m not very political, but I found these links interesting. Obama and McCain Tax Proposals: Connect2Elect – a website that will tell you who you should vote for based on your position on different issues. Glassbooth is another one. About the Missouri Bellwether phenomenon where the state of Missouri has voted for the winner in […]

Have You Watched The News Lately?

People are really messed up nowadays. Here are the top stories featured on CNN: Man decapitates random stranger and then eats him on a crowded bus – this has got to be the most disturbing story of the year. A man cuts off the head of the man sitting next to him (who was sleeping […]

RIP Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, the college professor who became famous for his “last lecture” has passed away. :(

Which Airlines Serve Food

Just so you know, traveling sucks now. The last few times I flew there was no food and last I heard, they will soon be taking away the free beverage service! Which wouldn’t be so bad if we could bring liquids past the security checkpoint. MSNBC just put together a list of what exactly each […]