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October 2008



Political Roundup

My 4 yr old looks like Obama
– it’s uncanny!

20 most corrupt members of congress
– Republicans lead 14 to 6. I’m just sayin’….

Is it true McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time?
I love and the answer is yes.

CNN compares SNL skit to real Palin interview

61 nobel laureates endorse Obama

AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer on why workers should vote Obama. very inspiring.

In debates, McCain loses blinking contest to Obama – I totally noticed his blinking problem during the debates!

Racism will play a role in this election. Sadly it really is like this in the boonies.

Palin claims the VP is in charge of the US Senate

Obama eats babies – yeah, completely useless website hehe

Obama assassination plot disrupted – I seriously hope there aren’t more stories like this when he gets elected. people are pretty crazy!

666 reasons not to vote for Obama

This photo gallery of Obama is awesome. Be sure to click on the gallery link so you view all of the pictures and captions. Very intimate photos!

McCain accidentally makes fun of western pennsylvania

Educational backgrounds of the candidiates – not only did mccain vote with bush 95% of the time but their intelligence seems to be on the same level.

Tally of obama endorsements made by leading newspapers is 194 to 82

Why Barack Obama is winning by Time magazine

McCain supporters speak out against racism at their own rally

Please tell me who you’re voting for and why. I love hearing other people’s opinions.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 9:51 am

I’ll spare you the political uber-battles of last time, I actually just want to mention something about the supposed “assassination plot” against Obama.

I think its F-ing ridiculous of the news to play up that story with headlines like “Obama assassination plot thwarted” or “Obama assassin’s arrested!” That is sensationalism at its worst. Have you seen these guys plan?

Besides having them go into some black school and kill over a 100 people via guns and decapitations, it then involved them: “authorities said, with the two suspects — dressed in white tuxedos and top hats — blasting guns from the windows of a speeding vehicle aimed at Obama.”

Tuxedos and TOPHATS! I couldnt make this stuff up!

They then would presumably flee to a fortress they built on the moon, and create a utopian white society.

Please people, these are a couple of retarded inbread hillbillies who probably couldnt load a gun between them. If you want to make this into a “school shooting averted” story, fine. But to call these guys Obama assassins is just absurd, especially when the topic of Obama getting assassinated is a sensitive one, with the election a few days away.

And like Obama, I too eat babies. And they are delicious!

You get some of that spinach cheese dip, you dunk the baby in ankles first (“achilles-style” we Baby-eaters call it), a very tasty appetizer for a super bowl party or something.

Comment from J
Posted: November 2, 2008 at 3:30 pm

I voted for Obama (voted by mail because I roll like that) simply because the past eight years have been disastrous and I think McCain is just Bush-lite. I don’t really know if Obama is the answer, but I feel strongly that McCain is not so it’s process by elimination.