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June 2024



Archive for category Tips/Tricks/Hacks

The Best Post Exercise Drink & Other Random Tips

You’ll never guess what studies have shown to be the best drink after exercising…it’s low-fat chocolate milk! You know what make the best ice packs? DIAPERS! Yeah, the most annoying part about homemade ice packs is when the ice melts…and this takes care of that. Pretty genius! Did you know you can use duct tape […]

How To Clean Your Sink

One of the things I was supposed to do this month was to clean my sink. Did you know the sink is one of the dirtiest places in your entire house? It is filled with bacteria and other gross stuff that could make you sick. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never actually cleaned my […]

How To Choose Fruits

Summer is quickly approaching and honestly it can’t come soon enough for me. I am ready for days of sunshine and warm weather. BBQs at the beach and eating fresh fruit! One problem I always have is I never really know how to pick my fruits. Here are some tips to help you next time […]

Stolen Camera Finder

This is cool! Stolen Camera Finder Drag one of your photos into the website and it will auto find the serial # of your camera. Then it will scour the internet for other pictures with the same serial #. I once lost (or was it stolen?) my digital camera…this sure would have been handy to […]

Keeping A Clean Kitchen

Since buying the house, I was pretty worried with how clean boyrobot and I would keep the place since we’re not the neatest people :P But for the most part, we’ve done a pretty decent job I think. But as time goes by, I feel like we are slipping a bit. For instance, we sweep […]

Getting A Full RSS Feed

One of the biggest annoyances in life for me is to subscribe to an RSS feed and discover that the blog does not offer a FULL feed. 90% of the time I immediately unsubscribe. Sometimes there’s just a really good blog that I have to read and I make the exception, begrudgingly though. Well there’s […]

Things You Should Do

Make your connections to Facebook always secure – it takes like 1 min to do and is worth it! Start reading Makes Me Think or add it to your rss reader. It’s not usually funny or anything and some of them are lame/cheesy but sometimes you’ll read one that actually “makes you think” and feel […]

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal W/ Vinegar Ice Cubes (& other tips)

Ok it’s time for another tip dump. In other words, I have tips flowing out of my ears and I need to share them with you all so you too can live an easier life! Clean (and sharpen!) your garbage disposal with vinegar ice cubes – ingenious avoid all of those toxic cleaners and return […]

IE Tab Extension For Chrome

I use Google Chrome for my web browser. Every once in awhile and also every time I have to pay my Time Warner bill, I have problems viewing a webpage in Chrome, so I have to open it in IE. It’s a pain but I just can’t go back to surfing the web in IE […]

when it’s ok to buy generic vs name brand

I do not have the same aversion that some people do when it comes to using generic products. I have noticed with shampoos and some soaps….it’s been ok….sometimes with food it is hit or miss. It’s always worth a try though considering the money you could save! The free shipping blog rounds out a list […]