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July 2008



Attempting To Achieve Inbox Zero

I have 1,306 emails in my gmail inbox. I’m hoping to achieve Inbox Zero, having zero emails in my inbox. With the practically unlimited email space, I got lazy about upkeeping my mailbox and just let emails pile up. It doesn’t help that I get about 10+ emails a day! Here are some steps I’m going to utilize to help empty and organize my inbox:

1. Start archiving! For the longest time I never even noticed that Gmail has an “archive” button at the top. And when I did notice it, I never wondered what the purpose of that button was. Basically, the archive button will remove emails from the inbox without deleting them. It’s a great way to save those really important emails that you don’t want to delete because you might want to refer to them some day in the future but don’t need to see it every day in your inbox. To view archived emails, you can just click on “All Mail” on the left hand side.

2. Labels. There are a few reasons why I keep emails. Some of them are ideas I have for upcoming post on one of my blogs. I’ve started tagging these emails with their respective blog names. Also, since I’m planning a wedding, a lot of my emails are wedding related that I want to keep for reference and I’ve started tagging these as “wedding”. This makes it so much easier to find emails later on when I need them.

3. Star items that I need to read again or need my attention.

4. Unsubscribe myself from useless websites. When i buy things, they auto subscribe me to their newletters and I get lazy about unsubscribing. There’s no reason for me to keep most of these newsletters so it’s time I take the few seconds to unsubscribe

Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve Inbox Zero sometime this year hehe.


Comment from che
Posted: July 9, 2008 at 8:58 pm

i tried that before and i got lazy… now my inbox is over 3k, lol. i use a ton of labels, stars, etc and still the mail piles up, but i usually only archive email w/ labels. the stuff in my inbox is stuff that has no saving place or i might want to refer to a little later but dont need to keep long term… and then forget to delete or get lazy to go through later. and im on a bunch of mailing lists that i stay on in case i get the chance to look at one of the 50 emails they send out a month and find a cool deal. i can never win. haha

Comment from Andy @
Posted: July 10, 2008 at 6:27 pm

I am leaving your site right now and tending to my Inbox. Thank you. It is so long overdue…