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January 2009



Healthy Diets And Exercise Links

With all of these talks about losing weight and a resurgence of unhealthy methods of weight loss including detox, cabbage diet, and the apple cider vinegar diet, I thought I’d reiterate this list I came across the other day of the 10 healthiest diets. By the way, the aforementioned are just cover-ups to just not really eat…(ahem anorexia anyone?). And I can’t believe the hype that detox has been getting especially from the stars. If starving yourself doesn’t sound healthy…it’s because it’s not. At least there has been no scientific proof it offers any health benefits!

So here are a list of the top 10 healthiest diets:
The Structure House Weight Loss Plan by Gerald J. Musante, PhD.
The Step Diet by the University of Colorado
Weight Watchers
The Eating Well Diet by Jean Harvey Berino, PhD, RD
Volumetrics by Barbara Rolls, PhD
Best Life Diet by Bob Greene
The Solution by Maurel Mellin, MA, RD
You on a Diet by Dr. Oz
The Sonoma Diet by Connie Gutterson, PhD, RD
Spectrum by Dean Ornish, MD

And for the people who especially struggle with belly fat, here are 5 secrets to help you lose it.

I’ve also been hearing a lot of good things about this exercise video called 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels (Yes, she is the girl from the Biggest Loser). People seem to like the video because the exercises are 20 mins each so it’s great for busy people. There are 3 levels but I hear even the beginner is tough.

Lastly, here’s a link for a 7 day bootcamp by Sparkpeople. It includes a video for each day. I did the first one and it was really fun and easy to follow. I was even able to do it in my hotel room which was nice!

PS. This is totally off topic but eeeeeeeeeeee! Lost returns tonight….I can’t wait!!!!


Comment from J
Posted: January 21, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Not eating doesn’t help you lose weight because it puts your body into starvation mode. Once in starvation mode, your body will try to preserve fat and will burn muscle instead since fat is more energy dense.

The 5 Secrets to losing belly fat boil down to don’t smoke and don’t eat easily digested food. The key to losing weight is to control the glucose-insulin cycle in your blood. If you eat easily digest food (simple sugars, starch, refined carbs, etc.) then your blood sugar level will spike quickly after eating. Your body senses the rapid rise in blood sugar and releases insulin, but it can’t release the exact amount so you end up with too much insulin. Then your body tells you to eat to get your blood sugar up and it’ll most likely have you crave sweet stuff since that’s the fastest way. Bam. Now you’re in a vicious cycle. Not only that, but if your body is constantly releasing insulin then your cells become less respondent to it so your body has to release even more. Bam. Now you’ve got Type II diabetes.

The best thing to do is to eat foods that have been minimally processed – whole grains, fruit, veggies, meat, fish, etc. No soda, no cookies, no enriched flour and no packaged meals. Fat doesn’t make you fat, but too much can clog your arteries. Try to eat cows that have been pasture-fed because then they have a better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. One is a coagulant and the other an anti-coagulant so you don’t want too much of either.

Comment from Lori
Posted: January 22, 2009 at 2:45 pm

oh my gosh girlrobot! you are even cooler than before! i was sitting on the edge of my seat during LOST all last night! ive been counting down! i LOVE that show!

Trackback from Wayne
Posted: February 1, 2009 at 4:17 am


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