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April 2019



Return To Blogging (Or So I Hope)

I was listening to a podcast the other day on the importance of memory keeping for our kids and for ourselves. As a person who is highly paranoid that she will one day get early onset Alzheimer’s, the episode really resonated with me. When you have kids, you use them as an excuse to put everything on the backburner. (Exercise, what’s that?). But I’ve decided to fully commit to putting blogging back at the top of my priorities! I’m not sure who is still here reading and I’m not sure how interesting it is to read about someone else’s life (especially if you don’t even know them!), but I know I have a lot of readers left over from the old days where I blogged about the most random things. I’m here to warn you from here on out, it will probably be posts that are more of the personal variety. I may post a thousand pictures you don’t care about and I may talk about the most trivial details that you have no care for. That’s ok…..just scroll on by or hit unsubscribe! Thanks for following me throughout all of the years as my life has revolved. This next stage is all about my family and the adventures we go on, so that’s what I want to focus on in my writing. :)

On a side note, I was reading Cup of Jo’s post about 12 Great Reader Comments On Love (a must read if you haven’t read it!!) and I so related to this one:

“The other morning, I picked up my 22-month-old son from his crib. I love how he goes limp over my shoulder and rests his head as he wakes up. But that morning, he rubbed my back, mimicking the way I do it and just said, ‘Oh, Mama’ in a sort of relieved sigh. It was the most honest declaration of love I’ve ever experienced.” — Laura

Max does this exact same thing and I’m serious….if you’ve never had this type of back rub from your own kid, you are missing out! There is no massage therapist that can mimic the feeling I get when he does this! These little moments are what makes being a mom so worth it to me. It sounds like such a tiny thing but it’s unbelievable to me the joy these tiny humans can invoke in me. These feelings are some of the ones I want to blog about and remember forever when they are grown and I no longer get these magical toddler back rubs.