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August 2018



A Review Of Our Magical Trip To Miraval Resort And Spa

As many of you know, I started travel hacking awhile ago and because of this, I have been on adventures and received perks that I never imagined I would get to have! I wanted to blog about one of my favorite trips I have EVER been on but also my best travel hacking redemption to date. Not only to inspire you to travel hack yourself, but also to record this most memorable trip for myself.

One of my favorite cards I have in my wallet is the World Of Hyatt Credit Card. When I signed up, the bonus was 2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel (no restrictions) after spending $2000 in 3 months. This can be an amazing deal, especially if you do like what I did and pick a resort like Miraval to redeem it at. A room at Miraval can be upwards of $1K/night! Not only is it a high end luxury resort and spa but it is also one of the rare all-inclusives in the US so it included all of my food and drinks, a bunch of activities, and a spa credit of $175. Celebrities have even stayed there including Oprah Winfrey and one of the Kardashians! When I first arrived there, I couldn’t help but pinch myself in disbelief that we were even there let alone that it was ALL FREE!! Boyrobot and I have always traveled very cheaply. We have stayed at some nice places…but almost always on a deal! This was in a completely different level from any other place we have stayed at….and let me tell you, it was so nice!! :)

When you first arrive, they give you a nice bag and water bottle to use while you’re walking around the resort to all of your classes

Another thing that made this trip so nice was that it was our first overnight trip alone since having kids!!! It was amazing to reconnect with Boyrobot on this trip and remember how we were before we had kids. Believe me, I LOVE my kids and my life right now, but getting a chance to vacation and spend time with my husband without the responsibility of having to take care of kids truly let me relax and enjoy every single minute of this trip.

The only kids at this resort are these statues lol

The service at this resort was impeccable. They whisked our luggage away to bring to our room which allowed us to take a quick tour of the resort. Everywhere we looked was just so beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing. They did a great job with the landscaping.




There are areas where you can swing, benches to admire the beautiful view (you are surrounded by mountains!), stones that you can stack, the sound of rushing water…it’s just breathtaking! There was also a pool, lap pool, and jacuzzi. There were very few people using the pools though so it’s not the crazy hectic pool scene you would find at other hotels.

When we made it to our room…it was just as comfy as you would expect!

Cellphones are not allowed outside of your room and they even have a special box for you to store them in if you wish. The room also had pen, paper, and an envelope so that you could write yourself a letter and they would mail you the letter in 3 months. There were little hidden, thoughtful things like this all throughout the resort.


Every morning we were there, we made sure to grab a free smoothie from their Starbucks-like cafe that had coffees, juices, and light pastries.


This green one was my favorite…you know if you order these at one of those hipster juice places it’s like $7+!!

Every meal was included for our trip and the food did not disappoint! It was organic, local, and usually had a healthy spin but was so delicious! Even boyrobot who normally does not like “healthy” food enjoyed it! Here is a sample menu from one dinner:


For dinner you could usually choose 2 appetizers, a main, and a dessert. But if you wanted more food you could order more.

I can’t seem to remember what most of these food pictures I took were, but I remember everything just tasted great! We were very impressed with the food.


Dessert was a creme brulee and some ice cream. They had really interesting flavors every night!!

When you check in, they give you the schedule for the weekend that allows you to see what classes are available. They have some free and some cost extra. With the credit we get for our free nights, we were able to do zip lining, tight rope walking, and get a massage. We also did a stretch class and separated for one class. I tried a spinning class for the first time while boyrobot took a beginner’s mountain biking class.

Each of the classes we did, they have a constant theme of being mindful, learning more about yourself, and challenging yourself. It sounds cheesy but I really enjoyed it! There was a lot of reflection on our feelings while doing some of these courses. Especially the tightrope walking which was way more scary than I thought it was going to be! It was cool to meet all the different types of people that were there and why they were there and to hear their stories. There were people of all ages and backgrounds! We had such a blast.





I did not take any pics at the spa, but that area was as relaxing and luxurious as you’d imagine.

All in all, it was an awesome trip for us. The whole time I was there, I was plotting how to come back lol! I will definitely be back one day!