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To Buy Or Not To Buy

I have seen a few things that I am thinking of buying but I am not sure if it’s worth it. Does anybody have information or opinions on these things? 1. Apara Jammies with Aloe Vera – These are those super soft fuzzy socks with built in Aloe Vera! You are supposed to wear them […]

Gmail Hacked? And Backing Up Your Emails

Hey sorry for not being so great about updating this site. It’s the holidays and I am enjoying them. :) Boyrobot’s meet with the parents went great. They loved him! I will update with some pics later on this week. Anyways, I just read this article about gmail getting hacked(?) and about 60 users’ contacts […]

Alternative To Evite: Renkoo

I review a new site called Renkoo, an alternative to the popular Evite.

How To Move Your Blog To Your Own Domain

If you notice on my bot page, I recently added my sister, sweetposiebot! With the addition, I had to learn how to export her exisiting hosted blog to my own domain. It turned out to be pretty easy except for a few snags! 1. First download the wordpress-to-wordpress plugin and follow the instructions on […]


I am about to go to bed but today is a big day for me. It is the first time I introduce a bf to my parents! Please wish me luck that all goes well and that my parents see all of the wonderful qualities that I see in M. And please don’t let M […]

Free Wii Flash Games

Uhhhh, I never thought I would be spending my xmas holiday spanking the monkey. haha. It’s addictive to play on the wii to see who can spank the monkey the fastest. (836!) And yes, you can play flash games on the Wii for free. Pretty cool!! Here’s a link to a list of free games. […]

Merry Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas girlrobot readers!!!! I hope everybody has a happy holidays and gets lots of cool presents! We opened our present xmas eve and I got a ton of cool stuff. I got a wii, a robot pencil sharpener, mr. bento, lots of clothes, a crank-powered LED flashlight (these things are awesome since you don’t […]

Bento Lunchboxes and Recipes

I’m so excited! I have a slight obsession with bento boxes especially ever since I visited Japan earlier this year. There is just something about compartmentalizing tiny portions of food that makes me enjoy the food more. It must be the presentation! Anyways, for xmas one of my sisters got me a Zojirushi (the famouse […]

An Online Ipod

This online music player is pretty sweet. You can pick what genre of music you want it to shuffle through and also what “mood” you are in. It will develop a playlist for you based on these selections. I tried it out and so far it has some pretty good music and a large selection. […]

Restaurant Gift Card Deals

If you’re an eating out junkie like me, you’ll find these deals useful! Or give them out and keep the freebies for yourself :) Chili’s: Buy $25 get $5 free Dave & Buster’s: Buy $50 or $25 get $20 or $10 game card for free Elephant Bar: Buy $25 get $5 free Fuddruckers: Buy $25 […]