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October 2007



How To Score Discounted Tickets (Plays, Shows, Musicals)

I love going to plays, shows, concerts…you name it. But this can become costly depending on how often you go. Here are my favorite ways to never pay full price for a ticket!

Work – If you or someone you know works at a fairly large corporation, most likely they have access to company-discounted tickets. This can include plays, amusement parks, and even movies! I have even gotten discounted orchestra tickets to the sold out Wicked musical that has been playing in town. If you don’t work at a company that supplies you with these, definitely ask around.

Goldstar (or non-referral link)- I signed up for this a few years ago and I love it! They also keep me up-to-date on events happening around my area that I wouldn’t normally hear about. They have discounts on plays, comedy shows, and even spa treatments. Almost everything is pretty much 50% off the ticket price. Unfortunately, they currently only offer tickets for a handful of cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Orange County, Chicago, Washingtdon DC, NY, Boston, and Las Vegas). They also give you credit for referring friends which is easy because this is a great service that I don’t feel bad recommending to my friends.

Craigslist or Ebay – If the show you want to see isn’t sold out, you are almost guaranteed a cheaper price if you look here. Best part, no fees!

Go right before the show (For Musicals/Broadway plays) – You’ll have to check with each individual theater by calling since most of the time this information is not publicly listed but sometimes they have really cheap tickets right before the show. There is usually a “rush or cancellation line” for last minute tickets. Or like for Wicked, several theaters nationwide (check yours) are having a lottery for front row tickets at $25! (BTW, I read for lottery tickets, Sunday matinee shows have the best odds)

TKTS – Most tourists already know about TKTS but it’s the well-known discount booth for broadway/off-broadway shows. I stood in line for this when I visited NYC, it’s part of the experience! And well worth it for the amount of money you can save. Tickets are up to 50% off.

Group Tickets – A great way to get cheaper tickets is to round up a bunch of your friends. Some theaters will offer you discounted tickets if you have a certain number of people in your party.


Comment from sweet posie
Posted: October 11, 2007 at 7:53 pm

Travel Zoo is another good place to find good deals…here’s a link

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