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October 2007



Pleo Reviews

Have you heard about Pleo?

It’s supposed to be the latest in the long line of robotic pets but this one has been getting a lot of hype over how truly life-like it is. It has dozens of sensors that are sensitive to light, touch, and even edges. It displays different emotions from happy, to playful, to scared and even sad. Tech reviews are flying in with how this is the next big thing. Hopefully they will be able to release it by xmas this year. But the rumored price is about $349, so I probably won’t be getting one anytime soon. I’ve been waiting for a more lifelike robot pet to come out since I loooove animals but I’m really bad about cleaning up/taking care of them. Can’t wait til they come out with one that’s worth the price! I’m anxious to play with one, hopefully somebody I know will get one when it does come out.

Here’s a great compilation of Pleo reviews on


Comment from k
Posted: December 6, 2007 at 6:11 pm

Don’t hold your breath. Its made in China…and it shows. Poor build quality, cheap skin, cheap battery, cheap fit/finish. Noisy motors…anything but life like. I hope he can find his way into the garbage.

Save your money!

Comment from Bob
Posted: April 22, 2008 at 3:18 pm

Just a furby with skin and life like movement. I’ve had one now for just over a month and although the claims are that it has AI that can’t be further from the truth. The only development stage Pleo has is the one hour or so from infancy to juvenile. Once at juvenile stage Pleo has the same predictable, pre-programmed responses to your touch and that’s about it. Sure it moves very realistically, but for the price and the hype I expected more. Pleo can hear but does not understand nor respond to any sound, Pleo can see but does not understand what it sees and for the limited amount of walking it does it is best to let it sleep as too much movement will lessen the 1 hour playtime before you have to recharge the battery for another 4.5 hours again. For a tug at the heart strings Pleo does it well, until you become bored with it only to store it in the cupboard to occasionally take it out and show to friends at dinner parties who have never seen one before. Add that to flaky skin and chipping teeth without the availability of a spare battery and Pleo becomes an expensive rubberised furby destined for eBay.