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November 2007



How To Freeze Rice And Other Cool Bento Websites

One of my favorite food sites, Just Hungry, has started her very own bento site: Just Bento!! It’s a really helpful bento tutorial site since it has step by step, detailed instructions on creating bento boxes, great for anyone wishing to start.

In case you don’t know, I’ve been obsessing over bento boxes lately. I’ve made a couple so far and it’s so fun! I’m such a dork hehe. Anyways, I saw a really useful post on Just Bento that I wanted to share with anybody else who wants to start making bento boxes. It’s a tutorial on how to freeze rice. This is helpful for me since a lot of the times I’m too lazy to make rice for my lunches since it’s just for one person. I’ve often times resorted to the frozen rice from Trader Joe’s (which is really good but costly!). Now I can freeze my own rice to pack in my lunches. I’ll try to post some of my bento boxes in the future if I’m able to create any cool ones hehe.

Other bento websites I am loving:
Lunchinabox – great pictures and recipes!
Bentotv – this is a video tutorial site. the girl in the video is so funny. i have no idea why but she’s addicting to watch. her voice and manner is kind of eerie but her tutorials are nice and short. She has some goodies in her archive.