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Archive for December, 2007

Best Software To Maintain Your Finances/Budget

I decided one of my new year’s resolutions is to keep better track of my finances and to try to maintain a budget. Since I’m thinking about buying a house soon (in a year or 2), I really want to know how much I can actually afford without being house poor. Basically, I don’t want […]

Friday Links

As the last Friday Links of 2007, I thought I would highlight some year end related links: Bush’s out of office countdown calendar 2nd best selling calendar for 2008 – #1 is the Far Side. if you’re interested in getting yourself one Amazon has them The definitive top 25 list of movies in 2007 – […]

What To Do With Your Christmas Leftovers

Christmas can be an extremely wasteful holiday. I know that after we finished opening our presents our living room was filled with torn open wrapping paper everywhere! You could barely see the ground! Also, I never know what to do with all of the Christmas cards I receive. I end up guiltily throwing them away […]

Movies Coming Out In 2008

Well 2007 is winding down. In terms of movies, it wasn’t too memorable for me. Harry Potter was really good though and I am looking forward to seeing No Country For Old Men and Juno before the year ends (movie hop anyone?) Here’s a great list of the movies coming out in 2008. I can’t […]

Jellyfish Aquarium

When I first saw the jellyfish aquarium that Spencer bought on The Hills, I was so jealous but I knew I could never afford an extravagance like that. Plus, I’m the laziest person and I would hate to have to clean the tank. I don’t know what it is about jellyfish, they are so mesmerizing! […]

Random Links Christmas Eve Special Edition

Some holiday related links: Web 2.0 Secret Santa – helps you set up secret santa with your friends and has a lot of nifty features. I’ll def have to use this next year and plan a secret santa with my friends! Creative wrapping at wrap art – I swear, next year I’m going to start […]

I Wonder What The French Teach In Science Class

I’m having a nice time relaxing at home. It started snowing yesterday so I was stuck indoors but I’ve been eating yummy food, perfecting my Guitar Hero skillz, and watching funny videos like this one:

The Official Rataouille Recipe From Pixar’s Movie

This is the actual recipe that was “used” in the movie Rataouille. The recipe is actually from Chef Thomas Keller of The French Laundry in Napa Valley. Which is definitely a restaurant I have to eat at once in my lifetime. (Click here for how to get French Laundry reservations). Onto the recipe! Ratatouille FOR […]

Friday Links

Billboard “whispers” messages only audible in your head – wow, what a cool idea and perfect for their “paranormal” show! Male swan with deformed neck may finally have found a gf! – They call him Crinkly the ugly swan! It’s good to know not all swans are superficial :P What to do if your car […]

No Posts Today

I’ll be travelling all day today so no time to make a post unless the airport has free wifi. I’m heading home for the holidays (Oklahoma). I hope its not too cold!