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Archive for March, 2008

Brain Dump Mondays: Easy BBQ Meal

Last week I made dinner for some of my friends. Since I work pretty late, it’s hard to throw a dinner party on a weeknight but with these easy peasy recipes, I managed to do it pretty easily! Easy Crockpot Ribs – Place sliced onions on the bottom of your crockpot. Slice ribs into serving […]

Friday Links

Can you tell the difference between a 320kbps or a 128kbps mp3? – I barely could 15 Best breakfast places across the country according to men – I’ve never heard of the one in LA Photoshop is now available online (and free!) – I’ve heard it’s not that great compared to the full version though […]

Link Purge 1 (aka Friday Links On Steroids)

I have a billion links to post about but not enough time to write about them so here’s a bunch of random links. Explore the ones that fancy you because for some reason I thought they were interesting at one time or another: Turn your gmail into an online storage space with gspace How to […]

Muxtape – Online Mixtape

Ooooh I love this new website I found, Muxtape. I made a mixtape for myself and one for boyrobot. It’s cool because you can listen to it whenever you want and anywhere you want! I used to make mix CDs but then I got lazy. This is the next best thing! Make your own here […]

World’s Most Whipped Man

This girl won’t let her bf watch the cheerleaders perform!

Brain Dump Mondays: Recovering From Vegas

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas for an old high school friend. Gosh, it was SO great meeting up with old friends!!! I forgot how silly and great they all are. I have no pics to show since I didn’t take my camera but I figured everybody else would […]

Friday Links

A Place Between Us – use this to find a meeting point that’s between two locations. Great for meeting up with ppl! And you can even narrow down type of location (coffee, chinese food, etc). Life clock – this is kind of morbid to have hanging on your wall DMX has no idea who Barack […]

Duke’s Secret Defense

PS. I’m really happy…I got all 16 games right today in my bracket which puts me in FIRST PLACE! whoohoo!

Free Fax

Sorry, I’m running short on time to blog for tomorrow but I thought I would share this nifty site I found with you guys. If you’ve ever needed to fax something, you know it’s quite a hassle for people who don’t have their own fax machine. This website Free Fax, lets you send documents for […]

Eye Candy

Things that are entertaining me at the moment: WALL-E Trailer – Can’t wait!! Speed Racer Trailer Flickervision – watch pics get uploaded to flickr in real time Chair Flipper – I don’t know why but I can’t stop watching him! and if you want to see more… Loopable – a collection of animated GIFs, very […]