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Friday Links

FAQs about a guy who has no sense of smell Drinking a cup of black tea once a day reduces your risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 71% – this is good to know especially if it runs in your family! How to make a bag in an hour – i have no excuse not to […]

Make Your Own Bread Soup Bowls

I love eating clam chowder and other soups in a bread bowl. But where do you buy the bowls?! Now you can make your own using Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits (which are probably very unhealthy but OH SO GOOD!). How to make these biscuit bowls: 1. Lightly crumple several 25×12-inch sheets of foil into 3 1/2-inch […]

2 iPhones + Nintendo DS = BAND

Click here to watch/listen to this awesome track created by 2 iPhones and a Nintendo DS. Very impressive! How to turn your IPhone into a guitar How to turn your Iphone into a piano Create music with your DS using Electroplankton

Food Tips

AOL compiled a nice list of their favorite user submitted food tips, a lot of them I’d never heard of. My favorites: “So you’ve been out at the beach, and you are fried lobster red. Don’t panic — just take a potato and grate it (leaving peel and everything on it) and put it where […]

Can I Get Away With This?

Nobody will see my feet under my wedding dress anyways right? :)

Food Blog Recipe Search

OMG, this website is awesome. I loooooooooove food blogs. The pictures always look so yummy. The recipes are usually tried and true and by people who really know food. Now when I feel like making something I can turn to this search engine to find a great recipe. Food Blog Search Like chocolate chip cookies! […]

Brain Dump Mondays: Help Me Plan My Wedding!

A few questions: Food – which is better….pan fried scallops or shrimp with walnut (the one with the mayo)? Flowers – What flowers are pretty? I’m not much of a flower person so I really have NO preference. We looked at flowers this weekend and I’ve always been drawn to orchids. In fact, those are […]

Friday Links

Anteater pics on flickr – I had no idea people kept anteaters as pets and is it just me or do they look a bit creepy! 10 insights about working at google – interesting read for people who want to know more about google 5 common body myths debunked – like reading in dim light […]

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

I’ve been trying really hard to eat breakfast lately. But usually I run out of time or I get bored of eating the same thing everyday. Saw this recipe for oatmeal breakfast cookies on Slashfood and it sounds like a yummy and easy way to eat breakfast every morning! MMMM. ¾ cup brown sugar firmly […]

Steven Wright’s Twitter

Any twitter fans out there? I long ago abandoned mine. I just can’t keep up with updating it. But I still read them! Here is one of my favorites, the comedian Steven Wright (notstevenwright). His twitter is like a short version of “deep thoughts”. When I was a little kid, I wished the first word […]