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Free Dialup Internet Access

I know, I know. Who still uses dialup? But sometimes very slow internet is better than none, especially if it’s free! Netzero offers 10 free hours of dialup here To get a list of access numbers check here

MTV Spoof: Over The Hills

I heard about this on Kiis FM one morning. It’s pretty funny if you’ve ever watched The Hills. This version is redone by senior citizens acting out the exact lines from the show. More videos from the “Over The Hills” channel at

Tennis Lessons

Does anybody want to take tennis lessons with me or know of any good, affordable tennis lessons? This can be around W. LA, south bay, or even orange county.

Brain Dump Monday: LA vs. OC

So ever since I moved out here to Los Angeles, I’ve lived in west LA. It’s been almost 10 years now….I can’t believe it!! Now that I am looking to buy a house, we’ve been looking in the Orange County area since housing is a lot cheaper out there and plus I prefer that area […]

Friday Links

*edit-sorry the church link is fixed now! the world’s 50 best restaurants – one day i shall eat at the french laundry church sign causes controversy – a must read for its ridiculousness zombieURL – zombify any website and then send it to your friend metafilter: lies i’ve told my 3 yr old – there’s […]

Shut Down Day – May 3rd

The other day I was watching that South Park episode called Logging Off, which spoofs what would happen if the internet died. It’s hilarious if you are as internet dependent as I am. It actually made me feel kind of…lame. I really use the computer way too much! I don’t know what to do with […]

List Of Must See Movies

So this weekend, I saw the much hyped Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I’m a huge Apatow fan (Knocked Up, Superbad, Freaks and Geeks!!!) and I loved everyone starring in the movie…how could it not be the best movie ever!? Well….perhaps it was a bit too hyped for me. I just thought it was ok. It made […]

Wii Fit Reviews

In case you haven’t heard, Wii Fit is finally going to be released in the US on May 19th!!! I’m excited but also kind of hesitant to buy it since I’m not sure how effective it will really be. But after reading these reviews, at the least…it sounds entertaining! There is even a guy tracking […]

Brain Dump Mondays: Summer To Do List

Ahhhh, I can feel the hint of summer coming our way. Around this time, I always like to think about my Summer To Do List. I love summer. It always signified freedom from school and responsibility, great weather, and vacations. Things I have lined up for this summer: – my annual camping trip with friends. […]

Friday Links

My Starbucks Idea – I think all large companies should have a site like this. It lets users submit and vote for ideas that they think starbucks should implement. Starbucks then reviews the top ideas and tries to implement them if they are feasible! How to bake neapolitan cupcakes – the finished product looks SO […]