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June 2008



Friday Links

6 Scary diseases you don’t want – wow, some really weird ones in there!
Read at work – classic novels made to look like powerpoint slides. ingenious!
One man’s quest to sport every beard type – so. awesome.
Customer Service Hall of Shame – worst was AOL, best was nordstrom’s
Top 10 most annoying office habits – Lucifer’s lunch: eating smelly food haha….I’m guilty of this
The best kitchen knives for any budget – this is so useful. every kitchen should have a good set of knives

Tip: If you don’t already have a Costco card, now is the time to get one….cheap gas!! well compared to everything else out there.


Comment from che
Posted: June 6, 2008 at 2:12 pm

that ‘read at work’ site is cool! too bad their selection is limited :\

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 6, 2008 at 7:49 pm

What the dilly-o, I can’t post any comments! Then again, if this posts, that will be quite the paradox.

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 6, 2008 at 9:53 pm

– Haha, I scoff at your diseases! Making your syrup smell like pee? That sounds like a damn genetic advantage to me! Have him sneaze powdered sugar and you have a fucking mobile breakfast buffet. Though I wouldnt want to be around him when he eats asparagus.

Now HERE is a disease that you really don’t want!: Go to google and type “tree skin disease”

(btw, I like your title, “Scary Disease that you don’t want.” Does this imply that there are some awesome diseases that I DO want?)

– While I appreciate the cleverosity of the chaps putting the books into Powerpoint slides, I got a headache after reading the first page, so I don’t know how practical its gonna be. Especially in your case, as I imagine your bosses would be like “Hey Kim…… is with all the powerpoint, you’re an engineer!”

– You know, for someone so disdainful of mustaches, you sure have a lot of links regarding facial hair! But this is certainly an awesome fellow, and I do whole-heartedly, full-throatedly, and half-spleenily, support this man’s quest. I do take some issue with calling the most standard of facial hair combos, my own mustache and goatee, as the “Van Dyke,” mainly because that makes me sound like some kind of effeminate Fop or Carpetbagger or Huguenot or someother 19th century word that I don’t actually know the meaning of.

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 6, 2008 at 9:56 pm

– Ranking AOL as the worst customer service on that list is a bit ridiculous, as it implies that AOL is merely a company, rather then the incarnated repository of all evil in the universe. The “customer service” one receives from them is much like the customer service received by American GI’s during the Bataan Death March, or that the Nazi’s received from the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Indiana Jones. Indeed, “Cusomter Service” would be more accurately described if one replaced “service” with “sodomy by pillar of fire.”

They managed to somehow sign me up and charge me for a $5 a month service for 6 years, which I found out later entitled me to have me emails read to me over the phone. Yeah. That’s a useful service. I would fucking love to have some Indian guy read aloud my male enlargement spam emails to me over the phone on a lazy Saturday afternoon. They forced me to call no less than 4 different call centers to eventually cancel this.

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 6, 2008 at 9:57 pm

– I wouldn’t know about annoying lunch habits, as I am not allowed to eat lunch in my job. “We don’t take lunches here” as the senior partner succinctly put it. They are not very big on Holidays either. They work on Christmas day, New Years, you name it. When the FOB receptionist from China asked why her calendar said today was a holiday called MLK day, the partner replied “that’s only a holiday for black people, get back to work.”

– Those Hattori kitchen knives are the biz-omb. Each one hand crafted by one of the last remaining Japanese steel forging masters! $3000 a piece! I’m not even sure how you put that thing down, its so sharp it seems like it would just fall through the earth, cleaving it in twain along the way.

And now, I will go do my part for the environment and drink a beer.

P.S. I don’t know why it posted this as 3 comments. My magnificence can apparently not be contained by a single instance.

Comment from KimZaky
Posted: June 7, 2008 at 9:03 am

Haha! Geez Roberto, it’s like a blog within a blog. I love it! I get a 2fer!!
I read all of Lil’ Kim’s great stuff and then I get a secret surprise in the comments.
You know Hakushaku, you could bring your site out of retirement.
Just a suggestion