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Friday Links

Photos of the earth’s last uncontacted tribes – “They were photographed from a plane which they may well have thought was a large bird”. NEAT! Birth of a chicken in photos – this reminds me of the vietnamese delicacy of eating a nearly developed chicken embryo in the egg also known as balut. yeah i […]

Page2RSS – How To Create An RSS Feed For Any Webpage

This webpage, Page2RSS, is great. It can create an RSS feed for any webpage out there. Great for pages that don’t have a feed or just plain static webpages that rarely get updated. If you aren’t using an RSS feeder to read your daily blogs you’re missing out! I suggest using Google Reader. Don’t forget […]

Batman Trailer Old vs New

I think Batman is my most anticipated movie of the summer. It looks sosososo good! Check out this cool video comparing the old Batman trailer to the new one:

Weezer’s Back!

Many people do not know but I used to be the biggest weezer fan ever. Sometime after the green album I stopped obsessing over the band. I think Pork and Beans is inspiring me to pull out my old weezer albums out again! And I may just buy this new one which is amazing since […]

How To Get A High Score At Astro Blasters

This past weekend I went to Disneyland for my sister’s bachelorette party. One of the rides we went on was Astro Blasters. As you can see from the following picture, I sucked!!! That’s my little cousin, Myra, sitting next to me. She is my “mini-me” who coincidentally is no longer smaller than me nor is […]

Memorial Day Extended Vacation

After a fun-packed weekend I’m ready to return to my normal posting….tomorrow! See you then.

Friday Links

Typo hunt – a roadtrip looking for grammatical errors, fixing them, and posting them to a blog. Expanded facial hair type chart – the french fork. ha! The 9 most devastating insults from around the world – i need more ethnically diverse friends so i can say these to. What it’s like to have a […]

That’s What She Said Video

I just had to share this awesome compilation of “That’s What She Said” jokes from The Office. Link Me and my (very immature) friends are pretty much always saying “that’s what she said” every chance we can get. Oh how very annoying but I still giggle every time!

Random Tips & Tricks 2

Compiled from various sources: How to remove tomato stains from plastic containers and clothes How to close chip bags without a clip How to make a fire out of a can of coke and chocolate How to cut an onion without crying Ever wondered how to pronounce Zagat? (it’s zuh-GAHT). I can’t believe i’ve been […]

Indiana Jones Links

This post is dedicated to RiSe since I know he’s a big Indiana Jones fan! Indiana Jones comes out this week finally. Here’s some IJ related links… The 10 most memorable Indiana Jones moments compiled by Film School Rejects Indiana Jones CEREAL! Tours where you get to be Indiana Jones – This seems fun but […]