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June 2008


Friends’s Presidential Debate Comments

Scott Adams recently opened up one of his posts so that people could make comments for/against Obama/McCain and then he let all of his readers vote the comments up or down. This way the best comments would be voted to the top. Here are the top 5 comments:


If it was any other Republican than John McCain I would probably vote for Obama.

-Supports real immigration reform (not just a bunch of useless fences)
-Can manage the withdrawal from Iraq without it turning into defeat (even if it takes longer than Obama)
-Has fought against earmarks his whole career
-Has sought to reform the political system multiple times (though I disagree with his campaign finance method-I applaud the effort)
-Is not a “moralistic” republican but more of a libertarian republican

Obama would mean a lot for racial progress in this country, but I don’t see him challenging his own backers like McCain has done with conservatives. I think of McCain as much more independent.


As long as the Iraqi parliament thinks they can get us to provide stability for them, they’re going to depend on us to do so. The only way we can put enough pressure on them to make the compromises they need to make to achieve stability is to provide a credible threat of withdrawal. The only candidate offering to do that is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s chief advisor is a smart guy named Austan Goolsbee, who even managed to earn the grudging respect of the highly conservative George Will; John McCain’s is Phil Gramm, who pushed for a lot of the deregulation that got us into our current economic mess. McCain once called the Bush tax cuts a shock to the conscience, but he seems to have gotten over that; I see no reason to believe he would be an exception to our thirty year pattern of Republican presidents who inflate the national debt.

Obama doesn’t think he’s above the law, nor is he going to allow telecom companies to get away with breaking it; McCain has asserted that he will continue warrantless surveillance and will give those companies amnesty, even though that does nothing to improve our national security.

The only position McCain hasn’t flip-flopped on in the past ten years is his staunch opposition to abortion. Do you really want him appointing more Supreme Court justices? I’m voting for Obama.


People who still think of McCain as a maverick and a moderate need to start paying closer attention to his voting record and his recent policy positions. It’s true that he’s less anti-environment than nearly all of his Republican colleagues in the Senate, but that’s still only good enough to get a lifetime score of 26 (out of 100) from the League of Conservation Voters. Barack Obama’s score? 96.

McCain has also recently said (through surrogates, for the most part) that during times of war the president can ignore laws protecting American citizens from having their government spy on them, and that telecom companies who assisted the government in its lawbreaking have nothing to apologize for. The idea that the president can simply ignore the constitution whenever he sees fit doesn’t strike me as moderate at all.

And on Iraq, what evidence do people have that he would be more effective in managing the war than would Obama? This is the same McCain who strolled through a Baghdad marketplace wearing a bulletproof vest and surrounded by troops and helicopters and then declared that his visit proved that one could “walk freely” through parts of Baghdad. Does that sound like he has a realistic grasp of what’s actually happening on the ground?

No, McCain will not be a Bush clone, but if you agree that environmental policy, overreaching executive authority, and management of the Iraq war are areas where we need drastic changes, not just minor adjustments, then McCain is anything but moderate.


I’m voting for Obama:

1) He’s smarter than McCain
2) Supreme Court Nominations, we need some balance.
3) Young and Energetic. Wants to make America stronger and not just status Quo.
4) Serious about getting us out of Iraq.
5) Understands we need to rebuild our reputation around the world.
6) More serious about creating a solid energy policy with alternative energy source, not just more drilling.

Only downside, taxes will be going up. Hopefully, he won’t go crazy about spending.


*** John McCain for President … A FREE TRADE Proponent ***

Unlike the Democrats, John McCain is a FIERCE free-trader. He genuinely believes that restricting trade and not embracing new agreements will harm the future of our economy.

Protectionism was a bad idea of the past and sadly the Democrats still hang onto this bad idea. Remember, even Bill Clinton understood the benefits of free trade (i.e., NAFTA).

I find it humorous that McCain is branded by others (and himself!) as not being strong in economics… Yet with this important and critical point of differentiation, he has proven himself to be a better economic thinker than Obama.

Read all of the comments here.


Comment from Andy (the one not in your circle of friends…just the guy that reads your blog)
Posted: June 12, 2008 at 4:31 pm

These guys are both GARBAGE. I have two words for you all: RALPH NADER.