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July 2008



A&E Intervention

OMG I have never cried so much watching a tv show. If you enjoy documentaries, you must check out A&E’s award winning series called Intervention (It’s now on it’s 5th season but this is the first time I’ve watched it). Each episode chronicles a person who faces an addiction and how it affects their family and friends. At the end, the families and friends write letters to the person and plead that they get help by going to rehab.

A&E is having some kind of marathon. I just sat through 3 episodes!

The first one was a teenager who is addicted to opiates, oxycontin, and a variety of other drugs. He pretty much has lost all motivation in life and only lives for the next hit.

The second one was a world class discus thrower (#1 in the US) who gets tested positive for drugs the week before the olympic qualifications. From that point on, her life goes downhill to the point she has to steal money for drugs.

And the last one I saw was about a bulemic alcoholic who has been binging and purging for 11 years. Since he was 8! Can you imagine?

The saddest part about these documentaries are the families. All of the main people were at the point where they just couldn’t see what it was doing to their families or themselves and actually thought nobody even cared about them. At the end of the film, the letters are really heartfelt and touching. Especially when you can tell for the last few years, probably the only feelings they’ve expressed towards each other are anger and resentment. They finally get to say how they really feel. In the end, they all choose to go to rehab but not all of them stay. Just goes to show just how hard it can be to beat some of the addictions.

Anyways, check here for a schedule if you want to catch the next one!


Comment from Andy @
Posted: July 29, 2008 at 5:22 pm

I just LOVE that show. I find myself yelling at the TV and screaming at the addicts trying to knock some sense into them and then at the end I (a grown man) cry like a little girl nearly every time.

I just think it is horrible how self-centered addiction can make people and how they are so mean to their families during the intervention, yelling and cussing at them and not letting them say what they want to say.

That show deserves an Emmy.

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: July 29, 2008 at 8:01 pm

yay, another intervention fan! i was wondering if i was the only one hehe

Comment from yang
Posted: July 29, 2008 at 8:04 pm

I think A&E has CSI Miami marathons on Wednesdays…that’s how I got hooked when I was in a hotel for weeks in SD!!