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Friday Links

I’ve been super busy and next week I’m going on a cruise so I’m probably going to take a break. See you in a week! Top 10 things science can’t explain – the Wow signal has always intrigued me 75 Skills every man should master – i don’t think i know a single guy that […]

The ABC’s Of Productive Living

A. Avoid negative people, negative habits and negative sources of information. B. Believe in yourself and your closest confidants. C. Create a healthy balance between career, family and social responsibilities. D. Dare to be unique and creative. E. Enjoy yourself everyday. It’s quite possible there will be no tomorrow. Some good advice….read the rest here.

Random Videos

How to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper: Watch a gecko get consumed by a bunch of ants: A whole song made up ONLY of sounds from the movie Alice In Wonderland:

Common Household Items You Don’t Need To Buy

Most household items, especially cleaning products, are 90% packaging and advertising. In other words, most of the time you can use common things you have around the house to get the same effect as products you buy at the store! Usually, the home brewed stuff can also be more environmentally friendlier and save you some […]

Brain Dump Mondays: Busy Busy

This week I’m super busy. My parents are in town and we’re all preparing for my sister’s wedding on Saturday. Today, boyrobot’s parents will meet my parents for the first time. It will be a very interesting dinner considering they are complete opposites. Boyrobot’s parents are quiet and laidback. My dad talks a LOT and […]

Friday Links

Should you choose a roth 401K or a regular 401K? – ahh the questions you ask when you start getting old How to make a watermelon keg – perfect for summer BBQs Final Jeopardy blog – a blog that posts the final Jeopardy question of the day Famous people punching Steve – yeah, completely random […]

Free Group ECards

This is such a cool idea! allows multiple people to sign an ecard. You can even change your message’s font to look like it’s handwritten and even add pictures! If the recipient likes the card enough, they can even pay to have it printed out as a poster or a flipbook. This would be […]

Which Airlines Serve Food

Just so you know, traveling sucks now. The last few times I flew there was no food and last I heard, they will soon be taking away the free beverage service! Which wouldn’t be so bad if we could bring liquids past the security checkpoint. MSNBC just put together a list of what exactly each […]

Requiem For A Day Off

This is awesome if you’ve ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s set to the music from Requiem For A Dream and it totally changes the tone of the movie. Very cool edit!!

How Different Groups Voted During The Clinton/Obama Race

I thought this webpage was so interesting to look at! It shows you how different groups voted during the Obama/Clinton race by state. The different groups include men, women, blacks, whites, age, salary, education. [Link]