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October 2008



Friday Links

Top 10 movie tearjerkers – my list would have to include Stepmom and My Sassy Girl
How to purchase a mattress – tips from an ex-mattress salesperson
Famous people who have been homeless – Jewel’s not on there but then again…what happened to her???
Little giant pandas after the earthquake – I forgot if I posted this before but it’s SO CUTE it deserves a repost!
10 foods you should splurge on – have to agree with the pasta, fish, and cheese
Top 25 documentaries – I had no idea hoop dreams was #1…I’ll have to see it!

A zimbabwe restaurant bill (the current exchange rate to US dollars is 1:388!


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 10:32 am

A) it amazes me that people are still seriously trying to bill people in Zimbabwe. I mean, the price of your bill will far so fall between the time you order your food and the time you finish it, I’m sure your food basically becomes free as you eat. Are you serously gonna bring out the tip calculator on this one? I would just be like “What’s the bill? 1.2 Billion? You know what kiddo, why don’t you just take a Gadjillion, on me.” Good thing to know that Zimbabwe will never run out of toilet paper, at the very least!

B) That is the lamest list of tearjerkers I have ever seen. Bambi? Ghost?? The LION KING???? Who in the hell is crying during the F-ing LION KING. I can’t even think of a scene vaguely tear worthy, except maybe some of the musical numbers. Go see Les Invasions Barbares if you want an actually emotionally moving film. Hell the final scene in the Last Samurai was more emotional than friggen the LION KING!

C) I wholeheartedly agree with the food splurging lady.

D) As for the homeless people list, I’m shocked that I don’t find Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino on there, since I actually met them once (both together, no less!) and, I shit you not, I mistook them for homeless people (both together, no less!). I don’t know if that was like, the Heroin-Chic of the time (this was in about 1996), but they looked like a couple of night walkers straight out of Golden Gate and McAllister. I thought for sure one of them would ask me if I “wanted some good shit.”