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December 2008



Friday Links

Bathroom for rent – this is hilarious!
Popular baby name map – I think this will be interesting to me once I start popping out babies! (weird.)
Drawing of spider as payment – I forgot if I posted about this but it’s so funny I’ll post it again.
Six Flags New Orleans 3 years after Hurricane Katrina – I wonder what the rest of of NO looks like now
Steve Jobs Halloween costume – it’s kind of late to post this but an idea for next year hehe
The Art of Pixar artwork and illustrations inspired by Pixar movies!
Article about John Wooden written for his great grandson – Anything about Wooden is interesting/inspiring to read


Comment from J
Posted: December 12, 2008 at 8:32 am

That bench is awesome. I’m going to leave one just like it when I go.

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: December 12, 2008 at 9:43 am

Seriously. That is the greatest bench in the world. I will never forget Leonard Ball as long as I live.

Re: Baby names: What in the hell is with Jacob being the number one name for like, the last 20 years? In my entire life I only knew one Jacob, and his name was actually Jakob, and it was pronounced Ya-kob because he was Swedish. Where in the F are all these other Jacobs? I mean I admitedly know very few babies, but my god, they’re adding 20,000 new ones a year, I’m BOUND to have met at least one in the past decade!

The drawing of the spider has all the signs of internet jokery (I can tell you as a lawyer that you would not get such a pleasant response back if you tried that), but is pretty damn funny nonetheless.

The bathroom offer too has signs of internet BS, but frankly in this recession, I’m almost willing to believe it. (Actually, in this recession, I’m almost willing to rent it!)

If John Wooden ever goes to Japan, he will be revered as the Buddha on the basis of his earlobes along. How did those things get so long! He’s like a Maasai tribesman