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Friday Links

Google streetview of stonehenge – wowwww…this is so cool! The 32 most popular passwords – most popular? 123456 The frugal map – A map showing the location of frugal bloggers (they post hot deals) and this is SO helpful for the local deals!! But why isn’t there a socal one? :( Adventurer recreates scenes from […]

Things I Like But Probably Won’t Buy For The House

I’m sad that for whatever reasons I won’t be buying these items….most likely because they are out of my budget. Woodstation weather display – is this not the coolest clock ever? a motion sensor detects when you are near and lights up….otherwise it looks like a modern wooden sculpture. I don’t know how the LEDs […]

Haiti Stories And Links

I know we are being bombarded with everything that’s happened in Haiti but it really has been devastating to see what this natural disaster has done to what was already such a fragile country. Anything we can do to help is worth it and it’s been amazing how much people have donated already! A few […]

Funny Email Correspondence

This is just too funny! A guy asks his “friend” to design some logos and charts for free…hilarity ensues

Lost Premiere February 2nd

Who’s excited for LOST?!!?! Hands down my favorite show ever. I really hope the last season is not a disappointment. They have a lot of hype to live up to. I can’t wait for all of the answers! If you need a short recap on what’s happened over the seasons….here’s a reenactment you can watch […]

Friday Links

Every Nickelback wikipedia page vandalism ever – if you dislike nickelback too…you’ll appreciate this video! Cutest group of pictures of a cat and bird – omg…sooo cute! The 50 best films of the 2000s – These movies are going on my to watch list Bangladeshi cabbie in NY returns cash left in taxi – feel […]

Crazy Beard, Cute Kitten, And Funny Toddler!

Let’s take a break from all of this housing talk and show some entertaining youtube videos! 1991 National Beard and Mustache Championship – This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on the internets. I forgot if I posted about this before but it’s so cute so I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing […]

Buying A House With Redfin

Yup…we did it. We bought our house with the website Redfin is basically a relatively new website that displays houses for sale online (includes pictures and all of the specs) and even assigns you a real estate agent that will help you close on a home. One thing I learned while buying a house […]

Hot Deals

I’m an avid hot deals shopper…nothing like my sister and brother but now that I am buying so much stuff I have been especially on the lookout for good deals. Here are some that I’ve come across: belkin energy saving surge protector with remote! – $20.99; Shipping is an extra 8 bucks but if you […]

Random Things I Will Be Buying For The New House

YES! We got the keys to the new house yesterday. I will try to post pictures next week. As for the rest of this week, it’s rain rain rain of “epic proportions”! It sucks cause this will delay us moving in since we don’t want our stuff to get wet. Oh well, I’ve waited this […]