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February 2010



Home Update 1

Yes…our house is starting to turn into a HOME….so excited. I was going to start posting some pictures of the house but I can’t seem to find my camera. Maybe after we finish moving everything it will pop up. It’s kind of nice finally moving these things that I have had packed up for like a year. I think I have only been utilizing about 25% of my wardrobe….and wearing the same 2 pairs of shoes…for the past year! It will be like I have a whole new closet to play with. :)

This weekend was SO hectic (which is also why this post is so late today). We were moving stuff in and buying more stuff for the house. I am getting excited about our fridge:

It was rated #1 by JD Power and it has all of these cool compartments/features! It will be arriving on Friday which means I will be stocking the fridge over the weekend and possibly cooking my first meal in who knows how long! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! What do you think I should make?

1. ramen – lol, i know. ramen doesn’t count as cooking but this is one of minh’s favorite meals that I “make”. it is the kind of ramen where you drain the soup and I like to make mine a little crispy! It’s easy, quick, and tasty. Ok, so not very healthy…but every once in awhile is ok right?! We also got these awesome ramen bowls from our new favorite store Costplus and are actually our only dinnerware right now.

2. Something new and exciting – I have recipes saved up for a year now. it would be fun to pick one that i’ve been wanting to try forever

3. boyrobot’s out of this world steak – boyrobot only knows how to make a handful of things and one of them is a mean steak. maybe for our first meal I should make HIM cook for me? ha ha.

speaking of boyrobot, i was all worried that when we bought a house I would be left with doing all of the household chores but he has been very meticulous about the upkeep of the house. he’s changed out a bunch of the lightbulbs to CFLs, vacuumed EVERYTHING, taken the trash out, etc. I think I will still get stuck doing the laundry and washing the dishes but now that I know he helps around the house just as much, I don’t mind doing those things. Boyrobot’s been such the handyman that I even bought him his first toolbox for Vdays haha. I filled it with his favorite candy though instead of tools. :)

So far, I am loving my house. Especially the bedroom…stay tuned for my next post on how I made our bed the most comfortable bed ever!!!


Comment from pokebot
Posted: February 16, 2010 at 12:20 am

cool! I didn’t realize that the ramen bowl held your utensils too :)

Comment from suki
Posted: February 17, 2010 at 2:33 pm

:) i’m putting together a home too!

Comment from che
Posted: February 18, 2010 at 8:31 am

hahah that sounds like me and alvin… he does the vacuuming and trash, and ill do the dishes and laundry. and he wanted a toolbox for vday too! lol

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: February 18, 2010 at 1:45 pm

lol cheryl