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Bush shakes hands with Haitians and then wipes his hand on Clinton Baby hates miley cyrus Collaborative spreadsheet art Biking Guitar Hero

To iPad Or Not

boyrobot REALLY wants an iPad. but i’m not really sure if it’s such a great idea to get it right now. aren’t we on our iPhones enough?? can you imagine our lives with an iPad as well? Anyways, over at wired, geekdad has a handydandy ipad flowchart to see if you should buy the iPad […]

Chat Roulette Improv Videos

I love these videos: A lot of people thought the guy was Ben Folds so he decided to do a tribute to Merton by doing a live chat roulette session at one of his concerts. How awesome is this?

Why I’m Not Posting This Week

My dad is here. I just have boring, old house stuff on the brain. I have a housewarming party this sat to plan. And I spent my free time tonight reading this interview with Rielle Hunter. Apologies!

Getting More Fruits & Veggies In My Diet

Check out this cool website that calculates how many servings of fruits and veggies you should eat based on your age, sex, and amount of physical activity you do: Fruits & Veggies Matter According to the website, I should be eating 1.5 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies. They also give you examples […]

No Words

I wasn’t going to post anything about the healthcare thing but then I saw this. Her parents must be so proud.

Jump In The Ocean

I’m way too tired from this jam packed weekend to blog. But here are a few picture posts over at my other blog, jump in the ocean (work in progress), to keep you entertained. Hopefully, I’ll be adding a tour of our home soon!

Friday Links

10 yoga postures performed by cats – sad to say these cats are way more flexible than i am Visualization of famous movie quotes – creative! 17 photos you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped – this makes me want to find the original list The perfect formula for marriage – according to this, the female should […]

Window Farms – Gardens For Apts!

One of my readers, Lori, emailed me recently about a project she is a part of called Window Farms. She asked if I wouldn’t mind blogging about it or making it a friday link and after reading more about it, I just had to make a blog post about it because I think it’s a […]

Nioxin And Hair Loss

Sorry for the lack of posts….been SO busy…. Anyways, I had to take the time to post this….shall we say…kind of embarrassing subject! I have noticed in the past few years, that I have been losing an inordinate amount of hair. I am not sure if it’s my imagination so if you know me, can […]