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February 2010



Terrarium Mania

Is it a sign you are growing old when you become interested in gardening? With our new big backyard, I’ve become very interested in planting some fruit trees. We visited the gardening sections of a few stores this weekend and I was going ga-ga over all of the different things I could be growing!!! (not just fruits but veggies, herbs, and beautiful flowers) BUT since I’ve never really had ANY experience with gardening, I thought I should probably start with something simple and easy first. I have always had terrariums and succulents in the back of my head because I think they are pretty awesome looking and turns out they are SUPER easy to maintain. Because most of them are in an enclosed container, you don’t even have to water them that often! Check out these beautiful terrariums that have been inspiring me:





Does this last jar look familiar?

It’s the raffle jar from my wedding!! (courtesy of Ikea)

Not as fancy as some of those beautifully shaped jars above but it will do for my first one. Or I have a clear lamp base that I am thinking I might use as well but maybe for my next one. I am thinking I will throw in some blue pebbles/stones so that it will go with our blue/brown themed living room too. I can’t wait!!

A short rundown on how to build your own terrarium. First you will need:
1. a jar or other clear container
2. some plants (I saw some super cute small plants/succulents at Target and so cheap!)
3. rocks, charcoal, dirt (all can be found at your local gardening store)
4. optional: decorative pieces including moss, shells, etc.

Now layer them in this order in your jar: rocks, charcoal, soil, and finally plants. Then you can top it with your decorative pieces. Done!


Comment from suki
Posted: February 23, 2010 at 4:27 pm

those are awesome, and now i want to make my own! :) i’m heading to an event tomorrow night at a plant warehouse, so i’ll definitely look into picking some up. since they have covers, the cat will stay out :P

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: February 24, 2010 at 10:31 am

cool…take pics! :)