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Friday Links

I know…I skipped Friday Links last week! I’ll add a few more today for ya… The BeetleCam Project – the photos they got from this project are awesome! I love elephants!! The story about the world’s best ultra-endurance athlete – this is such a rare and unique story. the guy sleeps for 90 minutes a […]

Sad Amazon Review

I was reading reviews for the Family Feud Wii Game (it’s a hot deal at $15!) and I came across this warning entitled “Good game but beware!”: I have a 7 yr old son who LOVES this game and is too happy to play it for hours. The questions are challenging (at times) for an […]

Guide To Shopping For Men

This seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many men don’t know how to pick a proper fitting suit. Print this out and clue your male friends, bfs, husbands, fathers, brothers, etc in! Read the rest of Esquires Guide To Shopping article for more tips

How To Cheat On A Test Using A Coke Bottle

First off, girlrobot does not condone cheating… but this is so clever! (Click the image for the full resolution webpage)

I’m Boring

I think ever since we got this house my google reader is full of house bookmarks….I have about 10 bookmarks alone about how to clean my house lol. So yeah I have nothing really interesting to write about so here are some videos: This is one of those videos that I keep for down days. […]

Proof Of Time Travel?!

Notice anything weird in this photo? “Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940. 1941 (?)” Yup…there’s a TIME TRAVELER in that photo! And no…there was no photoshop involved! That picture actually appears in an online exhibit for a Canadian museum! Well, turns out someone on the internet did the research and […]

100 Home Remedies

I’m all about trying home remedies..usually they don’t work but you never know! hehe. I am definitely going to try these next time I am sick, especially when I get those coughs that never go away! Garlic for insects and mosquitoes: Eating lots of garlic can keep insects and mosquitoes from biting and stinging. Leg […]

Free Lonely Planet Guides For The iPhone

Lonely Planet is holding a Volcano Relief Sale on their iPhone apps!! You have until tomorrow to download these so get them while they are free. They are regularly $15.99. These are so much more convenient than lugging the books around on your travels. I dled Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, Moscow, Barcelona and Amsterdam…but there […]

Recycling Rules

Did you know Earth Day is coming up? It’s in a few days on April 22nd! Ever since we got the house, I’ve been trying to be much more environmentally friendly. Not only for the earth but for our own health. From cleaning products to the food we eat to our laundry detergent…i am trying […]

Health And Fitness Tips From A Trainer

This article written by a personal trainer was such an interesting read for me that I thought I would share. Here are the ones I thought were most interesting: Most people do not lift heavy enough to make stronger muscles. It’s never too late to build muscle….and is more important as we grow older. If […]